The cyclist of Cuban origin Rubén Companioni, who runs for the Miami Blazers team, reached this Wednesday the main laurels in the second stage of the 44th edition of the Independence Cycling Tour, an event held on the Santo Domingo-San Cristóbal- Baní-Azua-Barahona and that had a distance of 177 kilometers.

Companioni got the best of it in a final stretch of about 12 riders who remained in a fierce dispute in the last eight kilometers of the race. At the end of this batch, the ones who came out better off were him and Mathieu Pellegrín, who seconded him to be the 1-2 of the stage. The winner had a time of 4 hours: 4 minutes and 24 seconds, with which he surpassed Pellegrín, who wears the CSCA Sad Propete 2000 jersey.

César Sanabria, from Venezuela País Futuro was third, Edgar Cadena, from Doglocy Inteja/Imca was fourth; Néstor Ruedas, from Iowa Latino Cycling was fifth and Luis Mora, from Doglocy Inteja Imca finished in sixth.

Companions new leader

After winning the stage, Companioni became the new leader of the general classification by accumulating 6 hours: 37 minutes and 22 seconds, with Pellegrin occupying second place at four seconds; Sanabria and Cadena are tied for third at five seconds and Mora is seven.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Sports, BanReservas, Comedores Económicos, Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo, OMSA, Seguros BanReservas, National Health Service, Hydroelectric Generation Company, Inapa, Gatorade, among others.

Team classification

While in the team classification, Venezuela Country Future now dominates with 12:14;52, the second rung is for Miami Blazers at 1:43 minutes; JB Calzado Power is third with 3:03.

Other classifications

By points, Sanabia and Daniel Estévez are in the vanguard with 28 each; Campanioni and Deivy Capellán have 25 each. In flying goals, Luis Gómez dominates with eight points; Alberto Ramos has 7, Edgar Cadena and Luis Mora have 6.

In the mountains, he is at the forefront, Cadena with 10 points; Duvan Penagos has 8 and Juan Pablo Sosa has 5. In the sub 23, Steven Polanco is first with 6:35;06 tied with Jhonny Sales and Sosa. Then follow Rafael Hernández with 6:36;59 and Brayan Virguez.


The best Dominicans are Familia with 6:34;59 hours, followed by Polanco, who has 6:35:06; Elvis Noel Reyes has 6:36;59 and Erlin García 6:37;46.

Arnaud starting flag

Wellington Arnaud, Executive Director of INAPA gave the flag that left the second stage inaugurated, a test that started from the Dominican Olympic Committee

stage this thursday

The third stage of the Cycling Tour will start this Thursday from the María Montés de Barahona central park from 9:00 in the morning and will go through the cities of Azua-Baní-San Cristóbal, whose route will be 163 kilometers.

Source: EL Nuevo Diario