In Santiago del Estero, Argentina, the tenth and final valid phase of the BMX World Cup took place, with the greatest joys for America in the sub 23 category for women, a test in which the three medalists were from our continent: an American and two Colombians.

The winner was the northerner Ava Corley, who maintained the lead of the final race from the start. For their part, the Colombians Sharid Fayad and Mariana Agudelo, left through lanes two and four, respectively, and from the first bank they settled into second and third place with which they reached the finish line.

With the ten valid ones disputed, the champion was the French Tessa Martínez with 976 points, while the best Latina was Sharid in fifth place with 640 points, who also placed herself yesterday, in the ninth valid one, in the second box.

As for the elite category for women, the podium was led by the Australian Saya Sakakibara, followed by the Dutch Merel Smulders and the American Alise Willoughby. The double Olympic champion, the Colombian Mariana Pajón, was located in the sixth lane of the starter and although she managed to recover several positions after a difficult start, she crossed the line in fourth place.

In the elite men’s final there were no surprises and first place went to the world champion Romain Mahieu, from France, followed by the Dutch Nick Kimmann and the British Quillan Isodere. In the final of this tenth phase, the Colombians Diego Arboleda and Carlos Ramírez, fourth and fifth, respectively, were involved.

In the general classification of the elite men’s category of the World Cup, Colombia has a double top 10. Diego Arboleda placed third with 2,159 points, while Carlos Ramírez was sixth with 1,581 points. The champion was reserved, logically, for the Frenchman Romain Mahieu with 3543.

Finally, New Zealander Rico Bearman took first place in the U23 category in round 10 and established himself as the absolute leader of the competition with 1,288 points, thanks to his victories in four of the ten rounds played.

At the closing of this category Mateo Colsenet (France) finished in second position and Tim Goossens (Holland) in third place. The Argentine Thomas Maturano came seventh, but achieved the podium in the final standings after adding all the phases.