In a message posted on his personal Facebook page under the title: “Women and cycling: a day to honor them with love”, the President of the Pan American Cycling Confederation, José Manuel Peláez, congratulated all the women linked to cycling, in International Women’s Day, whom he described as “an example that enlightens us” and “once again we embrace them with that immense pride that they are by our side teaching us to give love”.


March 8 is International Women’s Day. Nobody has shown more love than them in sport, and especially in cycling. Each of the cyclists, trainers, commissioners or leaders overcome fatigue, physical effort, falls, injuries, the logical pressure of competition day after day and prevail.

I have seen many examples. And in America there are countless medals and podiums that have been achieved in world championships, Olympic Games, national and international races. Whether on the track, route, BMX or Mountain Bike, their presence has meant the highest for our continent and we are proud not only of what has been done, but also of what we know they can achieve in the future.

A few years ago, when I was talking with a Cuban cyclist whom I greatly admire for her proven ability to overcome any difficulty, I learned that women are greater the more challenges they face. “When I get on a bicycle it is impossible to forget about the problems at home or in the family, but I do it with such enthusiasm that each pedal stroke makes me a better person to face life”. Whole lesson.

Let this day serve then, to congratulate them all on behalf of the Pan American Cycling Confederation. Her example enlightens us. We learn from her dedication. With so many lights in their smiles we have all been happier too. March 8 is just a date to remember that and feel that we embrace them again with that immense pride that they are by our side teaching us to give love. congratulations