The Congress of the Pan American Cycling Confederation, COPACI, was held this March 19 in a Virtual way due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Congress had its main headquarters from the house of the International Cycling Union (UCI) in the city of Aigle. Swiss.

The Lumi Global company was in charge of the assembly of the new, efficient and secure platform that led to the visual and open part of said congress and also provided a secure voting platform.

The congress was attended by the highest authorities of the UCI, led by its President David Lapartient, the President of COPACI José Manuel Pelaez and the presence of more than 80 people, including the voting delegates of 43 of the 44 National Federations that make up the COPACI, only Sant Kitts and Neves did not participate, the 5 associate members, the presidents of the Continental Commissions of the disciplines of our sport and other invited authorities and observers were also present.

At the Congress, the Work Report for the years 2019 – 2020 was presented, as well as the Financial Reports for both years, the results of the audits carried out to COPACI by the external auditors KPMG and CONAS, which were approved.

The Internal Regulations of the confederation were also put to vote and approval, as well as the 2021 Continental Calendar, which already has its dates and locations defined, although the epidemiological situation in the region remains complicated in many countries.

The second part of the Congress that reserved for the electoral process of all the positions of the Management Committee for the period 2021 – 2025 that was chaired and supervised by Mr. Marc Cavalleiro of the UCI Ethics Commission and who was appointed as rector of the Electoral Monitoring Commission.

After each delegate exercised his right to vote, the new Management Committee of the Pan American Cycling Confederation for the period 2021 – 2025 was formed as follows:


Mr. José Manuel Peláez Rodríguez (CUB)

 Zone Vice Presidents

Mr. Pierre Laflamme (CAN) – North Zone

Mr. Jader Antonio Grijalva (NCA) – Central Zone

Mr. Trevor Bailey (VIN) – Caribbean Zone

Mr. Gabriel Ovidio Curuchet (ARG) – South Zone

 Members of the Management Committee

Mr. Jorge Blas Díaz Pérez (DOM)

Ms. Monica Leerdam (ARU)

Ms. Elaine Silveira Sirydakis (BRA)

Ms. Sharon Lowe (ANT)

Mr. Roberto Collazo Carpena (PUR)

 Candidates for members of the UCI Management Committee

 Mr. Jose Luiz Vasconcellos (BRA)

Mr. Bob Stapleton (USA)

Mr. Cyril Mangal (LCA)

Ms. Sonia Ramos (BOL)