The executive committee of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI) informs its sports family that last December 25 was published the latest Daily Bulletin with information related to our sport and the results of our competitions, both national, regional and continental and worldwide .

The COPACI newsletter played a very important informative role for our FN, which we have to thank Mr. José L. Basulto. At present and after having worked with our website for several months (, and our social networks, the information has had greater immediacy, receiving on our page a total of more than 71,000 visits.

By 2020 we will enhance COPACI’s communication work, but from our website, in all social media profiles and with a biweekly newsletter in which we intend not only to keep them updated from an informational point of view, but also to share specialized and interpretive materials on cycling and its impact on America, as well as the work of the International Cycling Union (UCI) in terms of continuing to be one of the most followed sports on the planet.

For this new endeavor, we will continue to count on the collaboration of all National Federations, journalists and communicators, to which the work team that co-directs the Press and Communication section in COPACI will join with greater responsibility.

Welcome to 2020 with these new proposals, always based on making the cycling of America more and better known, but above all, that it helps to continue increasing our triumphs and the recognition we have from the UCI.