The President of the Pan American Cycling Confederation, José Manuel Peláez, participated as one of the special guests at the 36th Congress of the European Cycling Union, held March 16 and 17 in Santiago de Compostela, where important issues for this sport were discussed and attended by all the heads of the national federations of that continent.

The opportunity to share the conclave is due to the importance and linkage of Pan American cycling with that geographic area, where the main competitions of world cycling and the most prestigious professional clubs are located; while alliances with the federations associated with Copaci are increasingly promoted.

Peláez is also the head of the Iberian Cycling Union, an organization created in April 2023 in Panama, which aims, among other objectives, to continue joining efforts and resources in order to develop this sport in the countries of Ibero-America.

“These days have been used to exchange with several presidents of national federations in Europe and outline everything we are doing in the fulfillment of our Agenda 2025,” said Pelaez, who has led Copaci since 1991 with results praised by the International Cycling Union (UCI).

Within the sections of the Congress in Santiago de Compostela, the UCI Sharing Platform was developed. In addition, the results of last year’s World Championships (2023) and the strategy until 2027 were addressed, as well as the program of this sport within the Olympic Games next summer in Paris.

The head of the UCI, David Lappertient, chaired all sections of the Congress and in his speech congratulated the results and the level achieved by the European Cycling Union, in which today reside many of the best exponents of world cycling.