The official website of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI) on the Internet,, reached its first quarter of a million visitors (250,043) this Friday, after two years of being created to reflect all the events of cycling in America. in its different modalities, through news and specific information on regulations, live competitions, interviews and other details of interest.

This figure shows the impact of COPACI and cycling in general on the network of networks, while the readings of the different sections within the page already compile more than 345 thousand, with the most read sections in NEWS and RESULTS; while the countries with the most accesses continue to be Colombia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the United States, Mexico and Chile, although we also received visits from Europe and Asia.

With special care we want to recognize that since June 2021 the monthly average of visits to the page exceeds 10 thousand, with more than 8 thousand visitors; numbers that show stimulating growth in the face of the half million visitors that we intend to reach by 2022.

The work in social networks, from our official page on Facebook, also increases its impact with thousands of people reached and hundreds of interactions in each news we share, something that we thank our readers.

News, interviews, collaborations with other press media dedicated to cycling, as well as exclusive information from COPACI will continue to be our reason for being as an official website. We invite all the National Federations of America, our cyclists, coaches and other cycling enthusiasts to continue to inform us.

Starting in 2022, we will launch some services and we intend a visual improvement in our products. COPACI grows thanks to you.