SONORA, MEXICO. Sonoran cyclist René Corella will face the Pan American Track Championship to be held from September 4 to 9, which will be based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Corella Braun, who attended the Lima 2019 Pan American Games in the road mode, will resume track activity on Bolivian soil where, for her opinion, Mexico will aim for a medal in Team Pursuit.

“It is a very important event because it distributes more points in the list of the UCI (International Cycling Union), apart there is a good chance that the national team will fight the bronze medal since the United States and Canada are very strong; then we will look for the third place before Colombia and Chile ”.

Of the six riders summoned by the Mexican Cycling Federation, the four that will form the Aztec team in the persecution test will come out since in addition to René Corella there are Ignacio Paredes, Ignacio Sarabia, Edibaldo Maldonado, José Aguirre and Daniel Badilla.

“In preparation we will concentrate on the Ajusco (mountain range in Tlalpan, Mexico City), to take advantage of the 3,400 meters above sea level, we will be there for 15 days and then we will leave for Bolivia,” said the Cyclist from Hermosillo.

After fulfilling that commitment in South America, he will return to Europe to reintegrate into his professional team, where he will continue to participate in careers in the Old Continent and in the United States because there are about 15 more competitions remaining in the remainder of the year.

Corella grew professionally under the instruction of her coach Ashely David Knights, and with the tutelage of technical director Mauricio Frazer. (