The 2023 Pan American Enduro Championship was held this weekend at Senderos Colón and Adventure Park, in Costa Rica, with seven titles for the locals and only one for a visiting athlete, to the account of the Venezuelan Anthony Ruíz in the sub 21 category.

The first day of action was on Saturday, April 29, at Senderos Colón, a place that had three different routes, while the second day of competitions was on Sunday, April 30, at Adventure Park with four different circuits.

Santiago Arenas (Youth), Andrés Martínez (Master A), Manuel Fuentes (Master B), Jan Xirinachs (E-Bike Open) and Carlos Castillo (E-Bike Master) were four of the Costa Rican monarchs in the second version of these contests on our continent.

In the elite category, Álvaro Hidalgo and Melisa Ávila prevailed ahead of rivals from 10 participating countries: the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.

“Extremely pleased to host a Pan American Enduro Championship. For the Federation it is extremely important to host an event of this type, we had 10 different countries, we had two different climates and that gave the event a lot of importance and credibility”, explained Óscar Ávila, President of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation.

Venezuelan Anthony Ruíz was the only foreigner with gold on the podium. He succeeded in the Under 21 category, while Costa Rica was the absolute dominator of the event, an achievement that has been built since 2015, when the first competitions of the modality were held in the country.

Below are the champions:

Elite Male: Álvaro Hidalgo

Elite Women: Melissa Avila

Sub 21: Anthony Ruiz

Master A: Andrés Martinez

Master B: Manuel Fuentes

Junior: Santiago Arenas

E-Bike Open: Jan Xirinachs

E-Bike Master: Carlos Castillo

Source: FECOCI y