The Costa Rican commissioner Randall Díaz Solís is one step away from becoming UCI International Commissioner after a process of almost two years where he has had to face evaluations, exams and complicated tasks both inside and outside the national territory.

The process began in January 2020 and despite the situations that have arisen in the midst of the pandemic, Díaz has overcome obstacles and his passion for cycling has been his main reason for staying strong in this process.

“I’m happy, it’s a fairly long process that I’ve gone through, we went through several exams, reviews, interviews and there are many global applications from all the federations in the world,” said Díaz.

In total, the pre-selection was 150 applicants, however, currently there are only 25 people left in this process, of which four belong to the American continent and Costa Rica is present along with Canada, the United States and Brazil.

“It is an important achievement for the judging of Costa Rica, having a quota at this time is a merit for the judging in our country and it is demonstrated that we have made a great effort to train all of us and take courses with the latest innovations of the regulation”, added the commissioner.

The only thing left for Díaz to become UCI International Commissioner is field practice, a detail that is already in the hands of the highest cycling body at an international level, since they must assign him a race at any time and anywhere in the world, in which You must pass to get this achievement.

Another relevant aspect is that this process is carried out every 10 years at an international level by the UCI, therefore the growth that cycling has had in our country in recent years is evident.

Fecoci Press / Francisco León.