The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has ruled in favor of Colombian cyclist Miguel Ángel López, known as “Superman”, in his dispute with the Astana team. The CAS has ordered the Kazakh team to pay Lopez the salaries for the year 2022 that were not paid to him following his suspension for his alleged involvement in Operation Ilex against doping.

‘Superman’ Lopez was suspended by Astana in May 2022 after appearing as a suspect in the operation. The Spanish Guardia Civil alleged in its report that the injury that forced Lopez to abandon the Giro d’Italia that same year was due to the intravenous administration of menotropin, a banned substance.

However, CAS has rejected this allegation. After hearing from Astana team doctors, experts and Lopez himself, and reviewing the medical reports and the case, CAS has concluded that there is no evidence to support the allegation that Lopez used banned substances or that his injury was due to the use of menotropin.

Despite the CAS decision, Lopez remains suspended by the UCI, which opened disciplinary proceedings against the cyclist that have dragged on for more than nine months and have yet to be resolved. The case is also being investigated by a court in Cáceres, Spain, which must determine whether to open an oral trial against the defendants for the alleged doping scheme.

It should be noted that the CAS decision does not mean that Lopez is innocent of the allegations against him. The investigation by the UCI and the Spanish court is still ongoing and it is possible that Lopez will be sanctioned in the future if evidence implicating him in the doping plot is found.

Let’s not forget that exactly 3 months ago (Friday, February 9) the champion of the last Vuelta a Colombia with Team Medellin-EPM received great news. The boyacense was withdrawn from a doping investigation that was advanced at the time in the courts of Cáceres, Spain and that allegedly pointed him with trafficking in drugs and encouraging the use of these.

The boyacense has not hidden through his social networks his intention to return as soon as possible to the high competition and the light at the end of the tunnel begins to be seen, although he is still suspended by the UCI, despite the absence of a positive result in all the controls that have been practiced. Miguel Angel meanwhile patiently waits for this decision to be reversed so he can continue to enjoy what he loves and respects so much: Riding a bike.