SANTO DOMINGO.- Cristopher Jurado took Friday the main laurea in the celebration of the fifth stage of the 40th edition of the Vuelta Ciclista Independencia, contest that included the Monte Plata- Nagua- San Francisco de Castillo tour, covering a distance of 156 kilometers

Jurado, representative of the Central American team deployed great strength in the final kilometers to take the stage, which on this occasion had a broad security device with the main commanders of those demarcations integrated into the caravan of the riders.

The winner, along with the Dominican competitors Norlandys Taveras, Adrian Núñez and Geovanny García, Jonathan Rodríguez were escaped in a tenacious battle in the final 10 kilometers on the course, which occurred in a large part of the race under incessant rains.

In the end, the competitor of Central America became the big winner, after recording time of three hours 22 minutes and 19 seconds. The Garcia Garcia (Eda Evolution) and Núñez (Inteca Imca Ridea) ranked second and third, respectively.

Likewise, and after finishing the fifth stage Robinson Chalapud, of the team Medellín remains in the first position when registering 9 hours: 42 minutes and 00 seconds with a lead of 42 seconds over his teammate Oscar Sevilla.

Jorge Blas Díaz, president of the Dominican Cycling Federation thanked the General Directorate of Traffic Safety, General Ernesto Rafael Rodríguez for the inclusion of motorized agents in the caravan of the cyclists.

The day of this Saturday will be the sixth and corresponds to the mountain, taking the route from the park of Moca-Santiago-La Vega-Constanza. The distance to travel will be 135 kilometers. (


1. Jurado, Christopher (SCA) 3:22:19
2. García, Geovanny A. (EDA)
3. Núñez, Adrián Santiago (DCT) +0:00:01
4. Cuesta, Steven Manuel (BOL) +0:00:02
5. Capellán, Deivi (ECC) +0:00:03
6. Ogando, Jonatan (ARC) +0:00:03
7. Bakker, Stephan (GCH) +0:00:03
8. Marte, Cesar (NYU) +0:00:03
9. Jean Jacques, Kenny (VEL) +0:00:04
10. Godoy, Yonder (DCT) +0:00:04


1. Chalapud, Robinson (MED) 12:26:28
2. Sevilla, Oscar Miguel (MED) +0:00:42
3. Bakker, Stephan (GCH) +0:00:43
4. Cuesta, Steven Manuel (BOL) +0:00:46
5. Campos, Roniel (VEN) +0:00:50
6. Gamero, Alonso Miguel (SSA) +0:00:52
7. Sánchez, Nelson Ismael (AER) +0:00:56
8. Roldan, Weimar (MED) +0:00:57
9. Rabon, Albeiro (BOL) +0:01:03
10. Oyola, Robigzon (MED) +0:01:03