CAMAGÜEY, CUBA. With the victory of Felix Nodarse, between Holguín and this city, a new record has been achieved: in four stages the winners have become leaders of the VI Cycling Classic that day, something unprecedented even in the international round trips to Cuba.

Since the departure in Baracoa, on March 7, the Tuner Yans Carlos Arias triumphantly entered Guantánamo; the Alejandro Parra from Holguin in Santiago de Cuba; the spiritist Carlos Álvarez in Holguin and this Sunday Nodarse in the land of the tinajones, where he marked 4: 31.37 hours for the planned 199 km.

That same clock was received by Santiago Javier Revilla, Havanan Amílcar Pineda and Villa Clara Gian Carlos Hernández. Six seconds later the goal passed, located in front of the Casino Campestre, the Juan Cabrera from Sancti Spiritus.

This Monday will be the flattest route, because the colored snake will fulfill the fifth stage at a distance of 106 kilometers with a symbolic departure at 9 o’clock in the morning from the Workers’ Square to the Provincial Hospital, where the start will be official.

The flying goals will be discussed in La Vallita (km 21), Florida (36.4) and El Centro (km 79.2), the latter after crossing the monument to former cyclist Agustín Alcántara, who died in an accident at kilometer 66 in a Back to Cuba, when he intervened as a coach. (Lisset Isabel Ricardo Ι Ι Mario Pérez)


1. Nodarse, Félix (ART) 4:31:37:000
2. Revilla, Javier (SCU) ” ”
3. Pineda, Amilcar (HAB) ” ”
4. Hernández, Gian CARLOS (VCL) ” ”
5. Cabrera, Juan Miguel (SSP) +0:00:06
6. Parra, Alejandro (HOL) +0:00:25
7. Ramírez, Luis (GRA) ” ”
8. Fernández, Yoan Miguel (ART) ” ”
9. Valido, Miguel (SSP) ” ”
10. Samon, Joaquín (VCL) ” ”


1. Nodarse, Félix (ART) 14:17:04
2. Álvarez, Carlos (SSP) +0:00:07
3. Pérez, Emilio (PRI) +0:00:15
4. Parra, Alejandro (HOL) +0:00:24
5. Arias, Yan Carlos (LTU) +0:00:28
6. Marcos, Leandro (HAB) ” ”
7. Sosa, Frank (CFG) +0:00:29
8. Fernández, Yoan Miguel (ART) +0:00:32
9. Ramírez, Luis (GRA) +0:00:35
10. Vega, Kevin (HAB) ” ”