HAVANA. This happened after wearing the leader shirt from the start, on Friday, with the race against the clock.

The 26-year-old Manzanilla, captain of the Astana Women’s Team, thus achieved her tenth victory in an elite race in the world season.

In the historic city of Tuscany, on Friday Sierra won the prologue of two thousand 220 meters and then, on Saturday, he reached second to the goal of the first stage, of 133.60 kilometers (km) in Segromigno in Piano, at an entrance decided by millimeter difference.

Today, in the second and final phase, the riders departed from the Lucca elevations, climbed the Valgiano hill and arrived after 111 km to Pescia, where they climbed three times a high final circuit in Uzzano.

Thus, the Manzanillera proved to be a wonder, with excellent performances in time trial races, long stages and steep routes.

In the 24 edition of the Tuscan classic, the formation of the Astana was also integrated by the Cuban Heidy Praderas, the Ukrainian Olga Shekel, the Colombian Liliana Moreno and the Kazakhs Faina Potapova and Svetlana Pachshenko.

According to the official portal of the event, 25 clubs and national teams from Russia, South Africa, Israel and Ukraine participated.

The tournament served as a prelude to the World Road Cycling Championship, which will be held from September 22 to 28 in Great Britain, where on the 28th the women of the elite category will dispute the individual route. (ACN)


  1. Paladin, Soraya (Alé Cipollini) 3:01:12
  2. Sierra, Arlenis (Astana Womens Team) ,,
  3. Leleivyte, Rasa (Aromitalia Vaiano) +0:00:03
  4. Chursina, Anastasiia (BTC City Ljubljana) ,,
  5. Santesteban, Ane (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) ,,
  6. Holden, Elizabeth (Drops) ,,
  7. Koppenburg, Clara (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) ,,
  8. Shapira, Omer (Canyon SRAM Racing) ,,
  9. Magnaldi, Erica (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) ,,
  10. Nerlo, Aurela +0:00:29


  1. Sierra Arlenis (Astana Womens Team) 39
  2. Leleivyte Rasa (Aromitalia Vaiano) 23
  3. Chursina Anastasiia (BTC City Ljubljana) 21
  4. Hosking Chloe (Alé Cipollini) 17
  5. Paladin Soraya (Alé Cipollini) 15
  6. Novolodskaia Mariia (Cogeas – Mettler Pro Cycling Team) 14
  7. Swinkels Karlijn (Alé Cipollini) 10
  8. Santesteban Ane (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) 6
  9. Nerlo Aurela 6
  10. Sharakova Tatsiana (Minsk Cycling Club) 6


  1. Sierra, Arlenis (Astana Womens Team) 6:24:54
  2. Paladin, Soraya (Alé Cipollini +0:0:12
  3. Chursina, Anastasiia (BTC City Ljubljana) 0:14
  4. Leleivyte, Rasa (Aromitalia Vaiano) +0:00:18
  5. Koppenburg, Clara (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) +0:00:23
  6. Holden, Elizabeth (Drops) +0:00:24
  7. Santesteban, Ane (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) ,,
  8. Magnaldi, Erica (WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling) +0:00:26
  9. Shapira, Omer Canyon (SRAM Racing) +0:00:29
  10. Hosking, Chloe (Alé Cipollini) +0:00:47