CIENFUEGOS, CUBA. Tuner Yans Carlos Arias became the only one to win two stages in the VI Cycling Classic by repeating his lethal shot in the seventh, while Frank Sosa is the first local to reach his home ground with the leader’s shirt, including laps Cuba.

Arias scored 2: 48.34 hours in the 121 kilometers between the city of Trinidad and the Pearl of the South, as well as his escape companions who followed him after the furious sprint Emilio Pérez from Pinar del Río, Havana Veteran Kevin Vega, Sosa from Cienfuegos and the spiritist Carlos Álvarez.

This team quitted the peloton after going down the hill and before crossing the finishing line in Manicaragua (km 60.3), where Vega, Álvarez and Arias passed in this order.

Also in Cumanayagua (km 88.5) Kevin went ahead, escorted by Pérez and Álvarez to keep the five fugitives a strong step with the leader included and Carlos Yans anxious to get ahead to the line of judgment to never be swallowed by the peloton, that was close, but without specifying the capture.

Just 32.5 kilometers from the start in Trinidad, the first intermediate was held in Algarrobo, which was dominated by Pedro Portuondo from Santiago, pursued by the Artemisa Yasmani Balmaseda and the untamed Yoandy Freire.

Mainly the climbers began to throw hard course to the hill, where they discussed the last mountain pass (km 82) in front of the campsite Río Seibabo, with victory for the small giant Balmaseda who attacked towards the highest, followed by Sosa and the Spiritist Yoandy Freire .

With this result Balmaseda conquers the crown of the mountain with 25 points, followed by Sosa (23) and Portuondo (20), although they must pedal to the last kilometer in front of the Ramon Fonst hall in Havana to retain that position.

Yasmani was precisely given a pleasant surprise in El Condado (km 19.6), where the official departure occurred after about six kilometers controlled by the poor state of the road. There awaited family and friends with posters wishing him luck, which he had very soon when he was titled champion in the hills.

This Friday will be the eighth day from the south to the north of the island when it runs between Cienfuegos and Cárdenas (162.5 km) with flying goals in Aguada de Pasajeros (km 53), Colón (km 93) and Jovellanos (km 125.7). (Lisset Isabel Ricardo /


1. Miguel Ángel Sarmiento (EPM Scott) 2:56:14
2. Luis Carlos Chía (Manzana Postobon)
3. Juan Sebastián Campo (AV Villas)
4. Julián Molano (Coldeportes Zenú)
5. Juan Jose Ramos (Sb AV Villas Auteco)
6. Carlos Alzáte (GW Shimano)
7. Jhonatan Rrestrepo (Manzana Postobón)
8. Juan Guillermo Jaramillo (Sb Coldeportes Zenu)
9. Brandon Rivera (GW Shimano Chaoyang)
10. Juan Diego Hoyos (Club Elite Yumbo)


1. Jaime Castañeda (EPM Scott) 5:41:18
2. Miguel Angel Sarmiento (Sb EPM Scott) +00:01
3. Jhonatan Restrepo (Manzana Postobón) +0:00:01
4. Eduardo Estrada (Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman) +0:00:03
5. Julian Molano (Sb Coldeportes Zenu) +0:00:05
6. Luis Carlos Chía (B. Sb Manzana Postobón) +0:00:05
7. Jarvi Doney Acevedo (Sb V Seleccion Tulua) +0:00:06
8. Juan Sebastian Campos (Sb V AV Villas Auteco) +0:00:07
9. Carlos Alzate (GW Shimano Chaoyang) +0:00:08
10. Jhon Anderson Rodríguez (EPM Scott) +0:00:08