Carlos Montes de Oca (Cuba A) from Matanzas became this Sunday the champion of the II Cycling Tour of the Oriente 2023, which concluded with the dispute of the fifth stage between the cities of Holguín and Las Tunas

He was escorted by his Cuba B teammates, José Domínguez from Mayabe and Randol Medina from Ciego de Avila, both 18 years old.

The Sunday race was the third victory for Alejandro Parra (Cuba B) and the fifth for riders from Holguin, since in the other two stages Ángel Luis Pupo (first) and Douglas Parrado (third) won.

Pupo took the first three mountain prizes on the opening date, enough to be crowned in that classification. The champion of the previous round, Juan Manuel Cabrera (Guantanamo Technical Center) from Sancti Spiritus said goodbye with the prize of flying goals with 14 points.

The last day was run between Ciudad de los Parques and Las Tunas, which included a final circuit in which the peloton did five laps for a total of 99 kilometers.

The fight focused on the persistence of the last three flying goals, although it was unlikely that Cabrera would be dethroned from the privileged position. And so it was, although the Spaniard was unable to sneak among the first in any of the intermediate packages.

Montes de Oca traveled attentively in the multicolored squad of more than 60 riders, ready to confirm his status as champion. With arms raised, he entered the final goal, justified joy by confirming himself among the talents for a possible revival of cycling in Cuba.

Along with him, conditions and a lot of dedication to Domínguez, Izquierdo, Brayan Mandín, Ricardo Delgado, Ahmed Marcos and other newcomers were seen.

Now much more work and discipline await them with a view to the international commitments that are coming up in a year of the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 and the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.


1- Alejandro Parra (Cuba B) 2:12:46 h

2- Gian Carlos Hernández (Cuba A) 2:13:13

3- Alejandro Hernández (Artemisa) mt

4- Jorge Rodríguez (Pinar del Río) 2:13:44

5- José Domínguez (Cuba B) mt


1- Juan Manuel Cabrera (CT-Guantánamo) 14 points

2- Ricardo Cardoso (Cuba B) 11 “

3- Vicente Sanabria (Las Tunas) 10 “


1- Angel Luis Pupo (Holguin) 28 points

2- Serguei Fernández (Ciego de Ávila) 22 “

3- Pedro Portuondo (Santiago de Cuba) 18 “


1- Carlos Montes de Oca (Cuba A)

2- Jose Dominguez (Cuba B)

3- Randol Izquierdo (Cuba B)

Source: Lisset Isabel Ricardo, Jit Weekly