CALI. A great finishing touch was the Team SuperGIROS Betplay Gane to its 2018 season when winning the Vuelta a Chiriquí in Panama through the caldense Didier Chaparro, who raised his arms at the end of the circuit that closed the race between David and Chiriqui over 98 kilometers.

Chaparro climbed to the lead of the race and it was impossible for his opponents to dethrone him, considering that as the stages passed, the team under the guidance of Mateo Otálvaro was consolidated in performance and could respond to all attacks.

The triumph was achieved thanks to the contribution of a small group in general, but immense in performance and that defended the yellow shirt meter by meter, making Didier Chaparro finish a brilliant season, in which he was third of a difficult RCN Classic.

Didier always had the support of his teammates, Heberth Gutiérrez and Yuber Contreras, who despite disputing flying goals and mountain prizes, had the strength to fulfill their general responsibilities. Likewise, Brayan Ramírez and Cristian Tamayo did an excellent job to crown this international triumph of the season.

Great victory taking into account that this way we closed the year delivering this great satisfaction to all Colombian cycling, to whom we offer this achievement conquered with great effort by Team SuperGIROS Betplay Gane.

This is the 21st triumph of Colombian cycling in the Vuelta a Chiriquí since 1982. In 38 Vueltas a Chiriquí, Colombia has won 21; Costa Rica 9; Panama 5; Spain 2 and Austria 1. (Gonzalo Hernández / Jairo Chávez)


1. Piotr Havik (Team Global Cycling Netherlands) 2:08:00
2. Franklin Archibold (Aeronaval Panama)
3. Carlos Samudio (Rali Claro Panama)


1. Didier Chaparro (SuperGIROS Betplay Gane Colombia) 25:18:32
2. Daniel Bonilla (Nestlé Giant Costa Rica) +00:00:24
3. Brayan Salas (Nestlé Giant Costa Rica) +00:02:00
4. Jahir Pérez (Deprisa Colombia) +00:0:42
5. Bolívar Espinoza (Aeronaval Mapiex Panamá) +00:04:22