HAVANA. The Dominican Cycling Federation (FEDOCI) announced the team that will represent the country in the 2019 Pan-American Road Championship, which will take place beginning in May in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.

The list includes well-known figures such as William Guzmán, Diego Milán and the experienced Juana Fernández, who together with their colleagues go to Mexican soil to look for points for the International Cycling Union ranking. (Copaci Press / Miguel Ángel González / Fedoci Press)



1. William Guzmán

2. Adrián Núñez

3. Joel García

4. Wellington Canela

5. Ramón Germán Meran

6. Diego Milán

U 23 MEN’S.

1. Gregory Quezada

2. Carlos Hernández


1. Juana Fernández

Delegate Jorge Blas Díaz

Coach: José Frías