With his victory this Sunday in the second stage, held over 160.5 kilometers between the district of Cañas and the city of Liberia, Donovan Ramírez (7C – Economy – Lacoinex) became the new leader of the Tour of Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican Ramírez, who marked the difference over the favorites in the final 12 kilometers, surpassed by a few seconds his compatriot Luis Esteban Murillo (CMC-Prefabricados San Carlos) and the Guatemalan José David Canastuj (Guatemala National Team), who took second and third position, respectively.

The day officially started after 1600 neutralized kilometers with the immediate proposal of Juan Diego Alba (Movistar Best PC), who took advantage of the undulating terrain towards the only mountain pass of the day, but his intention was countered by Sebastián Moya (Colono Bikestation Kolbi) , Tom Wijfje (Stichting Universe Cycling Team) and Marcos Sánchez (Distribuidora cruz-Tecnoforest-Atomica-Trama Sport) who conquered the first positions while passing through Higuerón (4th category).

In the midst of the multiple escape attempts, Josué Salas (Colono Bikestation Kolbi), Luis Daniel Oses (7C Economy Lacoinex), Adolfo Vásquez (Guatemala National Team), Jaap Voogel (Stichting Universe Cycling Team), Marco Sánchez (Distribuidora cruz-Tecnoforest- Atomica-Trama Sport) and Juan Diego Alba (Movistar Best PC) reached the goal, opening a significant gap with the main group on the way to the first flying finish line at the Servicentro Reina del Campo, in which Sánchez was in charge of defending the leadership of his team. partner John Jiménez.

The escapees continued to gain distance, but lost a member due to a mechanical failure by Josué Salas, a situation that forced the Colono Bikestation Kolbi to counterattack from the leading lot with Jason Huertas, since the head of the race reached a difference of 2 minutes and 25 seconds and placed Juan Diego Alba as temporary leader. Huertas took advantage of his time trial capabilities and was able to chase hard, enough to connect with the lead just before the special prize in Nicoya.

The Tico runner Donovan Ramírez, who crossed the finish line first after imposing his conditions as a finisher, gave his impressions. “The truth is that I am too happy, I can’t believe it. It was a stage that was defined according to the course, it was not planned like that, but I felt strong as the kilometers passed and in the end I attacked with everything to make a good difference,” said Ramírez, at the end of the stage.

San Carlos native Donovan Ramírez (7C Economy Lacoinex) debuted his record of victories in theTour of Costa Rica, after an accurate attack twelve kilometers from the end that allowed him to win the second stage and the lead of the race.

“A stage with super heavy weather, a lot of wind, a lot of heat, we managed to place a teammate in front from the beginning, which prevented me from doing more wear today, which was supposed to affect me, in the end I felt a little more strong with the conditions and we are given the stage, something that fills me with a lot of happiness, a little unexpected,” said the new leader.

The Under 23 cyclist came willing to be a support for his team, but he took advantage of the opportunity and the confidence that his teammates gave him, to go for the victory:

“It was a dream, one always brings that thorn, I knew that I was very good physically, I came totally willing to work for my teammates, but the truth is that no, I am very happy, a thank you to the teammates who gave me that trust from behind” .

After getting involved in the good escape, the 7C Economy Lacoinex rider took advantage of his rolling conditions to leave his rivals on the road.

“From kilometer 100 I could see that they were faltering due to the adversity of the weather, I think there was a lot of wind and since I was a little more rolling, heavier, I was able to save a little more. On the slope of the airport it was very windy and there I saw them falter a little and I attacked without thinking until the finish line,” Ramírez concluded.

This Sunday the third stage of the Tica round will be held, a team time trial between Bagaces and Curubandé on a 41.2 kilometer route, on mostly flat terrain and with a small slope at the end.

Results stage 2 | Cañas – Liberia (160,5 km)

1Donovan Ramírez *Costa Rica7C – Economy – Lacoinex3:54:58
2Luis Esteban Murillo *Costa RicaCMC-Prefabricados San Carlos0:54
3 José David Canastuj *GuatemalaGuatemala0:54
4 Tom Wifje *Paises bajosUniverse Cycling Team0:54
5José Ricardo Aguilar *Costa RicaTeam CostaFrut – Go Rigo Go0:54

Ranking general

1Donovan Ramírez *Costa Rica7C-Economy Lacoinex7:31:47
2Pablo Luis Mudarra *Costa RicaTeam Montoya-BCT0:38
3Sergio Arias *Costa RicaTeam Colono Bikestation Kölbi0:40
4Gabriel Rojas *Costa Rica7C-Economy Lacoinex0:40

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico y www.crciclismo.com