MENDOZA ARGENTINA. Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) showed off at Godoy Cruz and won the individual time trial of the 43rd Tour of Mendoza, on 17 kilometers. The “Gaucho de Bolívar” took 27 “to Daniel Diaz (Mun de Pocito) and went to the front of the general.

After one hour of delay due to a demonstration in the Western Corridor -external to the competition-, the cyclists left one by one from the exit ramp. With the overwhelming heat of the last days, the tunuyanino Mauricio Páez (Mun. De Godoy Cruz) marked one of the best times to consider among the first to arrive, with 20’35 “.

However, later Fernando Torres (Stern Competition) would arrive. The former San Luis We Are All would lower in 44 “the record of the man of the Municipality of Godoy Cruz, going to the front of the classification, although the maximums and the best of the general were still to come.

So it was, with the candidates beating the records. The best of all was the Bolivaranse Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP). The three-time champion of the Vuelta de Mendoza rolled at 54.25 km / h and made an unbeatable performance for the rest, outstripping in 27 “who was the leader, Daniel Diaz, 40” Daniel Zamora and 51 “Ruben Ramos. While Alejandro Duran was the best Mendoza, 5 to 53 “.

In this way, Dotti was left with a very important victory in the face of his aspirations to achieve the fourth title in the “most Argentine of the laps”. For now, tomorrow you must defend the yellow shirt in the 132 kilometers that will join San Martin with the Family Park, in Las Heras. (Franco Xavier Videla / Press Association Ciclista Mendocina)


1. Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) 00:18:48
2. Daniel Díaz (Equipo Continental Municipalidad de Pocito) 00:19:15
3. Daniel Zamora (Salta La Linda) 00:19:28
4. Rubén Ramos (Club Sportivo Árbol Verde – San Juan) 00:19:29
5. Alejandro Durán (Municipalidad de Godoy Cruz) 00:19:42
6. Gabriel Brizuela (Municipalidad de Guaymallén) 00:19:50
7. Fernando Torres (Stern Competición) 00:19:51
8. Josué Moyano (Equipo Continental Municipalidad de Pocito) 00:19:55
9. Emiliano Ibarra (SEP San Juan) 00:19:57
10. Miguel Alcocer (Salta La Linda) 00:20:01


1. Dotti, Juan Pablo (SEP San Juan) 14:42:22
2. Díaz, Daniel (Municipalidad de Pocito) +00:00:08
3. Zamora, Daniel (Salta La Linda) 00:00:28
4. Durán, Alejandro (Municipalidad de Godoy Cruz) +00:00:48
5. Moyano, Josué (Municipalidad de Pocito) +00:01:39
6. Ramos, Rubén (Club Sportivo Árbol Verde) +00:01:50
7. Ibarra, Emiliano (SEP San Juan) +00:02:00
8. Graziani, Mauricio (Municipalidad de Rawson) 00:02:14
9. Nebot, Miguel (Municipalidad de Guaymallén) +00:02:22
10. Reyes, José Martín (Jáchal – Stylo Bike) +00:02:40