In a downhill finish, the Ecuadorian Santiago Montenegro, from the Movistar BestPC team, pressed the pedals and secured the victory of the first segment of the Tour to Catamarca 2023, which is held on Argentine soil with the participation of some 129 riders.

This first stage began and ended in the tourist village of El Rodeo with 184 kilometers of extension and began with a compact peloton, until the first flying goal came, conquered by the local Argentinian Darío Díaz, from the Municipality of Pocito team.

Then came the first mountain finish line with Marcos Méndez, from Team Mani Zabala, at the front, escorted by the Ecuadorian Montenegro from Team Movistar, and by Laureano Rosas from Gremios por el Deporte, second and third, respectively. For the fourth step was the Colombian Miguel ‘Supermán’ López, from Team Medellín.

With the strength to maintain a demonic pace, Montenegro took the second mountain finish line, followed by Colombian Daniel Osorio, from Team Medellín, and his compatriot César Paredes, from SEP San Juan.

At the closing, the climbers appeared with the prominence of Danny Osorio from Antioquia (Team Medellín-EPM) and César Nicolás Paredes (SEP de San Juan) from Bogotá. The last mountain prize was crowned by Santiago Montenegro (Movistar BestPC), who was the great protagonist in the second category final ascent.

Near the end and with a four-rider break to the finish, Montenegro broke away and won, while New Zealand’s Stefan Verhoef of Universe C.T. finished second. from the Netherlands, and the Colombian Leison Maca, from the Super Giro Al Manizales from Colombia.

The race will continue this Friday with the dispute of the second stage of 118.3 kilometers, which includes a second category mountain prize. The multicolored caravan will travel from Pomán to the town of Huillapima, ending on flat terrain.

The queen stage of almost 100 kilometers is scheduled for Saturday that will cross Pomán again, passing through the pronounced curves of the town of El Portezuelo, while the last stage, on Sunday, will be 138 kilometers on the circuit on Avenida Bicentenario de Catamarca, provincial capital.