The Tachirense cyclist Edwin Jair Torres broke the Venezuelan hourly record this weekend, with a record of 47.843 kilometers, thus surpassing the previous record that had been in force for 37 years when Justo Galavis established a distance of 45.410. Kilometres.

The new brand was established in some really difficult conditions. First, because it was fought at the JJ Mora velodrome in San Cristóbal, which is not the most suitable for this type of attempt; second, because the bad weather conditions forced the start to be delayed for several hours, and finally because it was carried out when it was already dark, without artificial lighting.

26-year-old Jair Torres has been racing in Spanish teams since 2016 when he signed for the Cartucho is owned by the late Rodríguez Magro, to continue later in Team Kuota, in Rías Baixas and in Aluminios Cortizo.

Until last year he ran with the continental team Java Kiwi Atlántico and on March 4, 2023 he fulfilled the promise he made to Justo Galaviz in life and ended up breaking the mark by more than two kilometers.

“Thank everyone present and tell them that I feel as tired as I am proud of what has been achieved. This is for you too Justo. I kept my promise and we paid the Tribute that you deserved so much”, said Torres, after breaking the record.

The event, which was attended by the UCI International Commissioner Rainer Nuhlen, as well as Rubén Osorio, president of the Tachirense Cycling Association and representatives of the Venezuelan Cycling Federation, was officially approved.

A particularity of the record, achieved at night in the mythical JJ Mora Velodrome in the city of San Cristóbal, is that it was achieved with the lighting by mobile phones of more than 2,000 fans who supported it.

Source: Asociación Tachirense de Ciclismo y Revista Mundo Ciclístico