The Tour Colombia 2.1 2024 is close to start, but before rolling through the roads of Boyacá, the protagonists gave their impressions of what will be this new version of the Colombian race, which returns to the calendar after three years of absence.

Mark Cavendish, Richard Carapaz, Egan Bernal, Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán, Esteban Chaves, Alejandro Osorio, Fernando Gaviria, among others, shared with journalists from national and international media in a press conference prior to the start of the competition.

In less than 24 hours the cyclists of the international peloton and the “escarabajos” will ride through the roads of Boyacá in the first stage, which will have a distance of 155 kilometers. The municipality of Paipa, in Boyacá, will be the opening venue of the Tour Colombia 2.1 2024, with the start of the first stage this Tuesday, February 6, which will pass through Tibasosa, Sogamoso, Nobsa to arrive in Duitama.

NAIRO QUINTANA (MOVISTAR TEAM): “The most important thing is to tell the world what is happening today in the Tour Colombia”.

“Having great champions is very important. I am very excited that riders from the international peloton are here and know our country. I think the most important thing is to tell the world what is lived today in the Tour Colombia, to have champions like Mark Cavendish and Alejandro Valverde and all the people who visit us, that is the most important focus of this party and it is very cool that they can tell the world what we have enjoyed so much here to tell them about our nature, the people, our roads and today we can proudly be living it and that is the message we want to send today to the world”.

RICHARD CARAPAZ (EF EDUCATION EASYPOST): “Colombia has been a very special country for me”.

“Colombia has been a very special country for me was a showcase to form me as a cyclist in Ecuador there are not as many opportunities as here. In the national championship everything went well and I’m happy and motivated for the Tour Colombia. I know that the issue of altitude is important, but it is a factor for everyone and also many have prepared here. This Tour has a good level, there are the best and we will see a good race. My goal is to win and I’ll have to take advantage of key days to try to do it.

MARK CAVENDISH (ASTANA QAZAQSTAN): “There are very good riders in the national peloton who can surprise us”.

“I’m very fortunate to have been able to race with riders from several generations, I’ve adapted to the changes. Alejandro Valverde taught me that you have to love cycling. It’s my first time in Colombia. The first week in Medellin was incredible, I couldn’t breathe well for two weeks. Now I understand why it’s easy for Colombian riders to race at sea level. The roads have been great for training and I can’t wait to start the race. Let’s see what the packs have in store for us with Fernando Gaviria, who has a very strong team. There are very good riders in the national peloton who can surprise us”.

ESTEBAN CHAVES (EF EDUCATION EASYPOST): “It’s very nice for us to compete here and it fills us with illusion”.

“It’s very special to race with your people. It makes us very excited that the race is again part of the calendar, I hope it continues to be so, that all companies continue to support us, because this event is very important for the country, for cycling, for us, for young people and for the fans. It is very nice for us to compete here and it fills us with illusion. It’s incredible what this type of event can do for the country”.

EGAN BERNAL (COLOMBIA SELECTION): “This is one of my favorite races”.

“It is a very special race, not only for me but for all Colombians. It is a great opportunity to show how beautiful Colombia is. Here we are very passionate and being close to our families gives us a plus. This is one of my favorite races and I hope we can keep doing it because we enjoy it a lot. At this stage of the season it is difficult for me to say that I want to. The most important thing is to enjoy it, as I did in the Nationals. I arrive with a lot of determination to give the best of myself, which is the most important thing, but every race is different.”

FERNANDO GAVIRIA (MOVISTAR TEAM): “The truth is that I feel much more pressure racing at home”.

“It’s difficult to race here, it’s much more pressure for us, or personally for me, because when you start at home you want to show your people what you do in Europe and you want to do well. I have riders at my disposal, who are very experienced and have been gaining confidence since we raced together last year. We have an excellent team, we know we have Nairo and we have to back him up.”

RIGOBERTO URÁN (EF EDUCATION EASYPOST): “It is very motivating and rewarding to race in our country”.

“It is very nice to race here. It’s a great advantage to have riders adapted to the altitude as we have in my team, unfortunately we already lost one man, Amador. I’m very motivated and I want to do well. The national riders are more motivated to share and compete with the World Tour. It is very motivating and rewarding to race in our country. We have a strong team and we will fight until the end”.


“The idea is to be figuring in the stages that suit me, we will try to be there. This race is super nice, with too much level, with very strong riders. I’m in good shape, I’m very proud to wear this jersey, it’s certainly an extra motivation. We will try to give 100%, but my only goal is to win a stage, I know it’s difficult, but I have to try.

Fuente: Revista Mundo Ciclístico