El Salvador is preparing to receive the best cyclists in the world at the start of the Tour El Salvador 2024, an event that promises 10 days of high level competition and tours through emblematic places of the country, with the participation of 112 athletes of 25 nationalities in search of qualifying points for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The fervor of professional cycling arrives to El Salvador with the arrival of the international cycling tour Tour El Salvador 2024, which will start next Monday, March 4 and will last 10 days. With the participation of 112 outstanding athletes of 25 nationalities, distributed in 16 professional teams.

Among the participants are world-renowned names such as Anna Kiesenhofer, Olympic Champion, Elena Pirrone and Sofia Collinelli, both two-time world champions, as well as Tamara Dronova, five-time world champion and eight-time Russian champion.

These elite cyclists will compete in four Grand Prix (Surf City-El Salvador, El Salvador, Presidente and INDES), and the Vuelta a El Salvador, visiting emblematic places such as Surf City, the Historic Center of San Salvador, Plaza Salvador del Mundo, Ruta de Las Flores, the Paracentral zone and the Jorge “Mágico” González national stadium, make up the new structure.

In addition to the exciting sporting spectacle, this competition will award qualifying points to the different participating delegations for places at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which adds an additional element of importance to the race.

The cyclists are distributed in 16 groups, among which stand out the Roland, from Switzerland, the EJ Dental and the Boneshaker Orange Seal, from the United States, Team Sistecredito, from Colombia, the national team of Ukraine, the Be Pink Bongioanni, from Italy, and the Winspace French, from France. Other nations such as Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, as host, will also be present.

Athletes such as Anna Kiesenhofer, Olympic champion, Elena Pirrone and Sofia Collinelli, both two-time world champions, and Tamara Dronova, five-time world champion and eight-time world champion from Russia, will be in attendance.

The March 4 race will be a Grand Prix and will be 108.5 kilometers long, starting at 9:00 a.m. from the Palacio de los Deportes Carlos “El Famoso” Hernández and finishing in Surf City (Litoral).

On March 5, the second Grand Prix El Salvador will be held, which will have a distance of 92 kilometers and will start at 9:30 a.m. and will leave from Plaza Salvador del Mundo towards Sonsonate.

The Grand Prix Presidente will be held on March 6 and the start will be located at the Plaza Salvador del Mundo, from where the riders will depart to Juayúa, 104 kilometers from the capital.

On March 8, the prologue of the lap will be held in the historic center of San Salvador, which will consist of a closed circuit of 2.5 kilometers, with the start and finish line in front of the National Palace.

The main competition will take place from March 8 to 12 and will have four stages, according to the organizing committee.

In order to guarantee the success and security of the event, the governmental institutions have implemented a wide vehicular device in the highways, with the objective of avoiding congestion and guaranteeing the smooth development of the competitions. The event organizers, together with local authorities, are working hard to offer a unique experience to both participants and spectators.