The cyclist Charlie Quiñonez retained the national MTB champion’s sweater for another year, at the end of the difficult route of 22.5 kilometers in a time of 1h18’56. ” Quiñonez dominated from the start of the race and subjected his opponents to a strong pace, only the champion of the sub 23 category Josué Arana could keep the wheel of the Elite champion, Jaime Tejada from Santana was second at + 02’35 ” difference. In third position, Wilton Salazar entered + 08’36 ” from the winner.

The best in the Elite Women’s category was Xenia Estrada who scored a time of 0h56’53 ”. Elena Lazo was second and Griselda Arevalo arrived in third place. With a time of 1h19’49 ” the champion of the sub 23 category was Josué Arana, followed by Hugo Rivas at + 05’40 ”. And Julio Anaya finished third with a + 09’20 ” difference.

Henry Salazar recording a record of 0h52’09 ” was awarded the national champion sweater in the Junior category. Fernando Sánchez entered the second position with a difference of + 04’55 ” and Marvin Gálvez was in third place with a difference of + 07’10 ”.

Demonstrating a great physical level, José Peñate won the Master A category, with a record of 0h53’17 ”. Carlos Quintanilla was second at + 01’23 ”. And in third place was Herbert Rubio + 02’37 ” behind the winner.

Vladimir Orellana won the Master A category with a mark of 0h50’40 ”. Santiago Lopez Ladino was second at + 01’44 ” difference and Aldo Recinos came third with a lag of + 03’07 ”. The jaguar Luis Lemus was crowned national champion of the Master C category by setting a time of 0h39’04 ”. The second place went to Moisés Renderos with a mark of 0h44’24 ”. Herbert Rubio finished third with a difference of + 06’54 ”.

The male cadet category was taken by David Ramos with a time of 0h41’30 ”. Gerardo Cienfuegos was second and Luis Guzmán took third place. Débora López in the new champion of the female cadet category with a time of 0h57’52 ”. The best in the beginners category was Fernando Altuve ESA with a time of 0h39’07 ”. Adrián Barrera was placed in the second position and the third place went to Marvin Cuadra.

The male pre-cadet category was won by Daniel Orellana with a time of 0h10’51 ”. Justin Juárez was second at + 02’06 ”. While Ronald Rodríguez takes third place at a difference of + 02’46 ”.

The best and new national champion of the female children’s category was Dayana Valladares with a time of 0h07’09 ”. Sofía Cienfuegos won the pre-cadet female category with a time of 0h14’48 ”. Katherine García was second at + 02’49 ”. Axel Mendoza won the men’s children’s category with a time of 0h06’17 ”. Steven Rosa + 00’03 ” apart. Mario Córdoba was third at + 00’36 ”.

At the end of the event, and keeping due social distancing and all the measures of the health protocol, the winners were awarded with medals and a sweater alluding to the 2020 national MTB championship, before a public number that was present, and cooperated so that said event was a success, congratulations to the winners.

Source: El Elsalvador Cycling Federation. Official Facebook.