The organizers count the hours for the Patagonia Grand Prix “City of Puerto Montt” to see the light in southern Chile. The cycling event, category UCI 1.2, will make its debut on the international calendar next Sunday, March 15, from 10:05 am (local time).

“The course has the spectacular nature that every great classic deserves,” commented the race director, Sergio Gili, about the 12.6-kilometer course to be held in the capital of the Los Lagos Region.

“It has plans, uploads, it is very technical. Skills are going to play a fundamental role, in addition to the power that climbers are going to show ”, added Gili, who expressed that he will tour the circuit eleven times, completing 138.6 kilometers. The day will depart from the Municipality of Puerto Montt, and then face the Costanera in the direction of Playa Pelluco.

Before reaching the Mirador Tower, you will take the opposite route, turning right onto Calle Río Puelche. As soon as they turn, they will start a 1.7-kilometer climb, which will include 700 final meters at 7%, crowning the mountain finish on the rise of the Viaduct.

After this, they will reach the Presidente Ibañez roundabout and return by the opposite route, heading through Lomos de Toro to Carretera Austral and returning to the starting point. With two sprint goals and two mountain goals, a lot of activity is expected among the 15 participating teams.

The peloton will gather great quality, highlighting four Continental squads and two National Teams. In addition, the seven Chilean teams will try to take advantage of the opportunity to appear in the international showcase and be seen before the foreign teams.

Among the candidates to take the victory next Sunday are the Spanish Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín), last champion of the Cycling Tour of Chiloé; the Brazilian Alessandro Ferreira Guimarães (SME Ribeirão Preto), the Argentine Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan), the Guatemalan Julio Padilla (Selection from Guatemala), the Mexican Ignacio Prado (Canel’s Zero Uno Mavic), the Colombian Fabio Duarte (Team Medellín ), Ecuadorian Jorge Montenegro (Movistar Team Ecuador) or Chileans Adrián Alvarado (Melipulli Resiter Puerto Montt), Matías Arriagada (Tus Bus Starken) and Pablo Alarcón (Canel’s Zero Uno Mavic).

Source: Vuelta Patagonia and Chiloé Press

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