This Thursday the official presentation of the 21 Giro del Sol was held at a press conference, a race will be held from January 6 to 8 in San Juan. The competition will return to the international calendar and will feature more than 20 teams. Enjoy cycling!

In the presentation of the race it was confirmed that the 2023 edition will enter with the 2.2 classification in the América Tour circuit, and will serve as a prelude to the Vuelta a San Juan, with two classifications for two teams for that race at the end of January.

The press conference in the Plaza Seca of the Civic Center was attended by the Governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, the Secretary of Sports, Jorge Chica; the president of the San Juan Cycling Federation, Juan José Chica; the Secretary of Security, Carlos Munisaga; the Ombudsman, Pablo García Nieto; the chief of the San Juan Police, Luis Martínez; representatives of the participating teams; leaders of the different cycling institutions.

Governor Uñac considered that “the Giro has been evolving better and better, with greater participation, with levels that the trajectory of San Juan cycling deserves” and thanked “the effort made by the leaders of the different sports clubs” to carry out the test.

The president explained that the competition will have participants from different parts of South America and that it will serve to warm up engines for the Vuelta de San Juan.

Lastly, he related sports and cultural events to the positioning of the Province: “With sports events and cultural events we have made the province of San Juan grow in terms of tourism, positioning it as one of the best provinces.”

After the parade of the participating teams, two videos were shown, one with the history of the race and the other with its technical details.

The Secretary of Sports, Jorge Chica, for his part, offered “recognition to the leaders who worked so that in that year 2002 these actions began to be generated. I value that it is the prelude to the beloved Vuelta a San Juan because there are many relevant teams “. He added that” the tradition of cycling has undergone an important evolution in recent years “.

In his turn, the president of the San Juan Cycling Federation, Juan José Chica, mentioned the creation of the Giro, in 2023, noting that this race over the years has developed in different stages.

Finally, he thanked “the clubs of the federation that accompanied with 21 teams. This Giro will be enjoyed by all of us from San Juan and those who have come from other provinces to see the development of this provincial passion that is cycling.”

The cycling competition, reserved for elite men, will be held from Friday, January 6 to Sunday, January 8, 2023. One of the novelties that the 21st Giro del Sol brings is that it will return to the international level of the UCI.

For the 2023 season, the Giro will be part of the América Tour and will have a 2.2 score. In addition, it will be the first professional race of the new year in the world.

This race, one of the most anticipated on the Argentine calendar, will live its second history of this caliber. Since his first time was in the 2009 cycle, also with the same score and category.