BOGOTÁ. The thirteenth and last stage of the Vuelta a Colombia Casanare Bicentenario Coldeportes was for Antioquia’s Brayan Sánchez (Pride Paisa), who after having achieved two second places (prologue and Sáchica), gave the first and only victory to his team with a time of 28 minutes and 31 seconds, over the 20.1 kilometers played between the historic Puente de Boyacá and the Plaza de Bolívar in Tunja.

Fabio Duarte (Team Medellín) reaffirmed his status as the race champion by finishing second 10 seconds behind Sanchez, who also beat the experienced, Oscar Sevilla (Team Medellín), third to 12 seconds.

Duarte, born in Facatativá (Cundinamarca) sealed his first award in the 69th edition of the Vuelta a Colombia Casanare Bicentenario Coldeportes, organized by the Colombian Cycling Federation, with a great demonstration of solidity in the decisive week being second in the hard day of Albán, where he practically guaranteed his celebration.

For Team Medellín it was his second consecutive victory after having won the 2018 title with the Ecuadorian Jonathan Caicedo.

In the general classification, Duarte (Team Medellín) accumulated 46 hours, one minute and 45 seconds, followed by Salvador Moreno from Boyacá (Supergiros Alcaldía de Manizales) at 2:56 minutes and third, Oscar Sevilla, at 3:11. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)


  1. Brayan Sánchez (Orgullo Paisa) 00:28:31.42
  2. Fabio Andrés Duarte (Team Medellín) +00:00:10
  3. Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín) +00:00:12
  4. Diego Camargo (Coldeportes Zenú) Sub 23 +00:00:35
  5. José Tito Hernández (Orgullo Paisa) +00:00:39
  6. Miguel Ángel Reyes (EPM Scott) +00:00:40
  7. Walter Vargas (Team Medellín) +00:00:48
  8. Álvaro Duarte (Mixto 1) +00:00:51
  9. Rafael Pineda (Boyacá es para Vivirla) Sub 23 +00:00:52
  10. Salvador Moreno (Supergiros Alcaldía de Manizales) +00:00:53


  1. Fabio Duarte (Team Medellín) 46:01:45
  2. Salvador Moreno (Supergiros Alcaldía de Manizales) +00:02:56
  3. Oscar Sevilla (Team Medellín) +00:03:11
  4. José Tito Hernández (Orgullo Paisa) +00:03:14
  5. Alexis Camacho (Coldeportes Zenú) +00:03:35
  6. Álvaro Duarte (Mixto 1) +00:04:03
  7. Wilmar Pérez (Mixto 1) +00:06:13
  8. Danny Osorio (Orgullo Paisa) +00:08:32
  9. Fredy Montaña (EPM Scott) +00:09:11
  10. Heiner Parra (GW Shimano) +00:09:35