SAINT JOSEPH. In a historical event for women’s cycling in our country, this Tuesday at the facilities of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation, our president, Juan Manuel González Zamora, swore in the new FECOCI Women’s Commission, which, from now on He will work for women’s cycling.

This project is led by Rosaura Méndez G, member of the Board of Directors of FECOCI, winner of the first Women’s Tour in 1991 and the first National Elite Road Champion. Together with her, cyclists Marcela Rubiano and Anna Méndez, Commissioner Ana María Acosta, Mrs. Gina Carvajal, María Del Milagro Ruiz and Wendy Tencio are part of this commission.

This new women’s commission will have as its main objective, to fight for women’s rights, empower them and give them a chance through sport.

“The incorporation of women is key not only for the development of cycling, but for the development of society,” said Rosaura Méndez. (Junior Ajún / FECOCI Press)