TOP OF COLLANTES, CUBA. The cienfuegueros Frank Sosa reissued his feat of a year ago to surrender to the mountainous massif of Topes de Collante and is the new leader of the VI Classic Cycling.

The twentysomething Sosa covered the stage number six in 4: 27.54 hours, started in Ciego de Ávila with 168.3 kilometers of route, which he left in the following positions to his teammates Yasmani Balmaseda (Artemisa, 4: 28.45) and Hidalgo Vera ( Guantánamo, 4: 30.06), who were followed by Yoandy Freire (4: 30.32) and Yariel De León (4: 30.53) from Matanzas.

Precisely De Leon was the first to go through the previous mountain prize, with the same category B in El Mirador (km 163), and behind points also added in this classification Guantanamero Maikel Mengano, Balmaseda, Sosa and Liovis Quesada, Mayabeque.

This sixth race started in Ciego de Ávila with 70 riders, eight of them escaped as soon as they traveled the initials 22 kilometers through the town of Majagua, escape that they maintained until the same moment of beginning to climb the imposing massif with more than three minutes of advantage .

The fugitives shared the three flying goals with outstanding performance of the Santiago who runs for Sancti Spíritus Miguel Valido, who won the first two and was second in the other to remove the red coat of More Combativo with 16 points to his teammate Juan Miguel Cabrera ( 13) and the same surpassed the Granma Luis Ramírez, third with 12.

In Jatibonico (km 42.6) they followed Valido the santiagueros Argenis Frómeta and Arsenio Bailly; in Sancti Spíritus (km 96.3) again Frómeta and Guantanamo Maikel Mengana, and in Trinidad (km 148.8) Frómeta went ahead to Valido and closed Bailly.

Arlenis Sierra and Heidy Praderas stayed from the Avilanian capital inside the squad until the climb to Topes de Collante, where the captain of the Astana Women’s came up a little before the mountainous port located in El Mirador (km 163).

This Wednesday will be rest day for the whole caravan. Thursday continues with the seventh stage Trinidad-Manicaragua-Cienfuegos at a distance of 121 kilometers.

There will be flying goals in the locality of El Condado (km 19.6), in Manicaragua (km km 60.3), Villa Clara territory and in the southern Cumanayagua (km 88.5), as well as a category C mountain prize against the Campismo de Seibabo River (km 39), belonging to the province of Sancti Spíritus. (Lisset Isabel Ricardo / / Mario Pérez)


1. Sosa, Frank (CFG) 4:27:54:000
2. Balmaseda, Yasmani (ART) +0:00:51
3. Vera, Hidalgo (GTM) +0:02:12
4. Freire, Yoandy (SSP) +0:02:38
5. De Leon, Yariel (MTZ) +0:02:59
6. De La Cruz, Hammel (GTM) +0:03:14
7. Mengana, Maikel (GTM) +0:03:45
8. Cabrera, Juan Miguel (SSP) +0:04:09
9. Solenzal, Joel (SSP) +0:04:12
10. Alvarez, Carlos (SSP) ” ”


1. Sosa, Frank (CFG) 21:00:21
2. Vera, Hidalgo (GTM) +0:02:27
3. Freire, Yoandy (SSP) +0:02:57
4. Alvarez, Carlos (SSP) +0:04:00
5. Solenzal, Joel (SSP) +0:04:31
6. Consuegra, Frank Carlos (HOL) +0:04:39
7. Arias, Yan Carlos (LTU) ” ”
8. Ramirez, Luis (GRA) +0:05:11
9. Balmaseda, Yasmani (ART) +0:05:14
10. Perez, Emilio (PRI) +0:05:2