The Araguan Franklin Lugo prevailed in the second stage of the Tour of Táchira 2023 and jumped from 57th place to command the general classification, in a 141.5-kilometer stretch starting from San Josesito, capital of the Torbes municipality with arrival in San Cristóbal.

Lugo, from the Team Sabemiel-Aragua team, stopped the clock in 3 hours, 29 minutes and 2 seconds, after passing alone, escorted by Juan Ruiz (Bolivarian Government of Trujillo) at 58 seconds, while the Colombian Juan Alba ( Movistar Best-Ecuador) at 1’06.

Now Lugo is the new leader with a figure of 7:10’49”, followed by Ruiz (1’11) and Alba (1’11), after a second chapter that started in front of the Torbes municipality, with 126 cyclists, upon the first withdrawal.

A section on a varied surface between flat, descents and the first two mountain prizes of the competition, a journey from San Josesito, El Piñal, San Joaquín de Navay, return through El Piñal, San Josesito and end in the center of the city of San Cristóbal (141.5 kilometers).

Bulk emotions

After some escape skirmishes, before an inclement sun, the first category C mountain prize was awarded, in the Altos de Santo Domingo sector (Km 23.2) won by Josymar Jęrez (Team Gesprom-Colombia), escorted by Edwin Torres (Loteria del Táchira) and Breinner Camargo (Politáchira).

Later on, the first bonus sprint took place in seconds, in El Piñal (Km 38.6), now the protagonist was the current champion of the Tour of Venezuela, Luis Gómez (Multimarcas) at his wheel the Colombian Jonathan Guatibonza (Shimano Sidermec-Colombia) and closed Isaac Yaguaro (Rairos Distributor).

The second sprint (Km 69.9) in San Joaquín de Navay repeated the same trio Gómez, Guatibonza and Yaguaro, where the first escape began at once.

The third sprint (rewardable) in Las Coloradas (Km 92.9), in El Piñal was for Julio Blanco (Space in Nove), son of one of the champions of the turn (Julio César Blanco, 1998), then they went to 1’24 »Luis Gómez and Enrique Herrero (Torres Fernando Barcelo-Spain) and a fourth escaped Jonathan Camargo (Distribuidora Rairos), while the bulk of the lot were 2’05”.

Blanco burst and Lugo takes over

On the way to San Josesito, Blanco could not keep pace and was chased by Franklin Lugo (Team Sabemiel-Aragua), who came alone to win the fourth and last sprint, further behind Paso Blanco (55″) and Ramón Márquez (Team Sabemiel-Aragua, at 1’05») and the lot lost 2’30».

Already in the final kilometers, Lugo came with everything to leave behind his main adversaries, taking him between one and almost three minutes.

third stretch

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17, the third stage will be held (10:00 am) from the so-called “Ciudad de Las Palmeras” San Juan de Colón passing through the towns of San Félix, La Fría, Coloncito, Caño Amarillo ending in La Tendida.

Four sprints will be disputed, two bonuses in seconds and the third mountain prize.

This is how the Tour goes

Second stage

Franklin Lugo (Team Sabemiel-Aragua) 3:29’02»

Juan Ruiz (Bolivarian Government of Trujillo) at 58″

Juan Alba (Movistar Best -Ecuador) 1’06»

Edwin Becerra (Ángel Hernández Foundation) MT

Pedro Sequera (Pegasus Governorate of La Guaira) at 1″13″

single overall

Franklin Lugo (Team Sabemiel-Aragua) 7:10’49

Juan Ruiz (Bolivarian Government of Trujillo) at 1’02 »

Juan Alba (Movistar Best -Ecuador) at 1’11 »

Edwin Becerra (Ángel Hernández Foundation) at 1’16”

Franklin Chacón (Táchira Lottery) at 1’23 »

general sprint

Luis Gómez (Multi-brands) 10 points

Isaac Yaguaro (Rairos Distributor) 8

Julio Blanco (Space in Nove) 6

overall by points

Franklin Lugo (Team Sabemiel-Aragua) 29 points

César Sanabria (Multi-brands) 25

Jonathan Guatibonza (Shimano-Colombia) 24

mountain general

Julio Blanco (Space in Nove) 4 points

Yosymar Jerez (Team Gesprom-Colombia) 4

Edwin Torres (Táchira Lottery) 3

Overall Under-23

Jonathan Guatibonza Shimano-Colombia) 7:13’37»

Andrés Mancipe (Shimano-Colombia) at 8″

Breinner Camargo (Politáchira) MT

Overall by teams

Team Sabemiel-Aragua 31’38’29”

Bolivarian Government of Trujillo at 58″

Movistar Best PC-Ecuador at 1’06”

Source: FVC Press and Photos: Edicson Dávila