The Tour of San Juan Internacional will start its 39th edition on January 22. The competition, which returns to the calendar after three years, will bring together the best cyclists in the world until January 29. There will be seven stages, there will be a rest day and it will have the particularity that there will not be a time trial stage.

In addition, for the first time, being the UCI Pro Series category, the riders will tour the 19 departments. Gabriel Curuchet, president of the Argentine Cycling Union, expressed the importance of returning to the road, which positioned the Vuelta as the best race in America and announced which important media will arrive in San Juan territory.

La Tour of San Juan did not have its classic edition due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, Curuchet mentioned that it served to resume with more strength and bring the best in the world: “This two-year pause forced by the Covid-19 has made it grow the interest, passion and desire of people to see cycling. There is going to be an edition where people are going to go out, the world is going to enjoy this competition, and well, having the current world champion and defender of the last Vuelta who is the last winner, I think that much more cannot be asked for”.

The absence of the race on the calendar was noted and the president of the Argentine Cycling Union highlighted it: “All cycling in America missed the Tour of San Juan. There was not a leader who did not ask what happened, or why, or he regretted that it was postponed due to Covid. Today we already have to talk about the fact that we have the Vuelta and that we are going to enjoy it”.

Curuchet said that this race organized by San Juan is definitely among the best in the world: “From the American Continent, by far, it is the best. We can leave it among the 10 best in the world. You have the world champion, you have the best sprinters, the best teams, this happens in very few races and we are going to have this here in a few days”.

In addition, without any problem he testified a comparison with the Tour de France. This had to do with everything that it takes to do the Tour of San Juan: “The Tour de France is not just organization, that is also history. The Tour de France is 120 years old, here we are at 39, maybe when we reach the 100 years we will be able to speak differently. History is being made.”

Curuchet, praised the ant work that is always done so that the competition goes perfectly and said: “We are already accustomed to an organizational level of excellence and recognized by international entities. This for us as the Argentine Cycling Union is a peace of mind when they do events of this magnitude in San Juan. I think the best teams in the world have been announced and an excellent course. We just have to wait to enjoy this great race”.

With the history that the Tour of San Juan is gradually taking place, it is known that there are more and more teams and the best cyclists in the world do not think twice about coming: “Summoning cyclists to come to San Juan is not difficult because they find security, organizational quality, an appropriate terrain to be able to compete and I think that makes them raise their competitive level and everyone wants to be there”.

We will take stock of how it went on January 29, when the race ends at the Circunvalación and provide us with a sporting, organizational balance, and as San Juan has accustomed us. the race ends in the Circunvalación and provides us with a sporting, organizational balance, and as San Juan has accustomed us

Last but not least, the president of the Argentine Cycling Union said that everyone will be part of this Tour that was absent for two years: “All the sports are coming: La Gazzetta dello Sport, Marca newspaper and the best newspapers in Belgium that are like the bible of cycling. They will all be there and that fills us with pride because it is the way for the world to enjoy this event in San Juan for all”.

Source: By Antonella Letizia,