In a leg-breaking day, the well-known Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín-EPM) won the fifth stage of the Clásico RCN – Banco Agrario 2023, contested over 117 kilometers between Ibagué and Pereira after passing through the mythical Alto de La Línea, where the most Striking was the assault to the top by Germán Darío Gómez.

In a spectacular sprint, the Colombian-Spanish won ahead of Kevin Castillo (Team Sistecredito) and Diego Pescador (GW Shimano-Sidermec), second and third, respectively, in a segment marked by constant attacks and two escapes

The big victim of the day was Óscar Quiroz (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), who lost the lead of the race to Santander’s Germán Darío Gómez (GW Shimano-Sidermec).

In the early stages, the first escape of the day was put together with Jaider Muñoz (Team Sistecrédito), Daniel Abreu (Arroz Zulia), Walter Pedraza (Team Fundecom-Arroz Sonora-Calzados Gocci-Multirepuestos Bosa), Robinson Ortega (EBSA), Brayan Sánchez (Team Medellín-EPM), Kevin Velázquez (Avinal), José Leonel Díaz (EBSA) and Edwin Alejandro Patiño (Road Engineering).

Then, two leading runners from Arroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JB began to move the race towards the ascent to La Línea, César Nicolás Paredes and José Alarcón left the group of favorites in search of the escape and began to add excitement to the fraction with the first important movements. The leading duo was hit by Javier Jamaica (Team Medellín-EPM) at the wheel.

On the descent to Calarcá, Jamaica ventured alone, however, he was captured by seven pursuers 18 kilometers from the finish. After overcoming the flat terrain, in Alto del Roble Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín-EPM), Alexander Gil (EPM-GO RIGO GO), Diego Pescador (GW Shimano-Sidermec), César Nicolás Paredes (Arroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JB ), Luis Mora (Arroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JB), Cristian Rico (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), Kevin Castillo (Team Sistecrédito) and Javier Jamaica (Team Medellín-EPM) moved the race and formed a leading group that in the end the victory of the stage was played.

This Thursday, September 28, the sixth stage of the ‘Duel of the Titans’ will take place, which will take riders from Cartago to Versailles over 150.4 kilometers. The successor to Aldemar Reyes, last year’s champion, will be known on Sunday in Alto del Escobero.

Results 5ta stage | Ibagué – Pereira (117 kilómetros)

1Óscar SevillaTeam Medellín-EPM3:27:29
2Kevin David CastilloTeam Sistecredito-GWm.t.
3Diego PescadorGW Shimano Sidermecm.t.
4Luis MoraArroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JBm.t.
5César Nicolas ParedesArroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JBm.t.

General Ranking

1Germán Dario GómezGW Shimano-Sidermec19:40:13
2Diego PescadorGW Shimano-Sidermec0:03
3Óscar SevillaTeam Medellín-EPM0:14
4Aldemar ReyesTeam Medellín-EPM0:17
5Daniel MuñozEPM-Go Rigo Go0:24

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico