CITY OF PANAMA. Venezuelan biker Jennifer Cesar was titled RPC Radio Giro champion for the second consecutive year in the Open 19+ category.

A 30-year-old native of the San Carlos region, Cojedes state, Venezuela, César of Team Bugliatti Cycling Team, caught the lead during the third stage of the Giro in MetroPark, through a categorical stage win and completely dominate the flying goals, and thus defend his status as champion until the final pedaling during the fourth and final stage, to leave Costa Rican Marcela Rubiano de Northfrio, second and Panamanian Wendy Ducreux of Team RPC Women’s Radio, third, their companions on the podium in secondary positions of the General classification by points in the category Females A.

The Olympic runner added 539 points in total during the 4 days of competition, while Ducreux accumulated 509, being the best Panamanian of the Giro in its category.

The Tica and Physician by profession Marcela Rubiano, a Pan-American athlete who forms the national team of her country seeking to be in Tokyo 2020, added a total of 509 points and was crowned Mountain champion.

For females B, Panamanian Marcia Alejandra Barrios, completely dominated the stage for the fourth consecutive day ahead of American Jeannie Kuhajek and her teammate María Florencia Fraga, third.

Neighborhoods of the Active Travel Bioracer swept the first place of the general classification as well as the mountain and flying goals, as it did in the last edition, where overall champion 2018 will be crowned.

Open-Exhibition Category

The Spanish Diego Milan of Team Inteja IMCA Ridea DCT, was crowned champion of the Open-Exhibition category after completing the 86 km. in 2 hours, 03 minutes, 57 seconds, in the third and final stage for this new category in the Master of the Americas race, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Panama City Foundation.

“It has been a triumph very worked by the team as you have seen all these days, we wanted to show an event that we hope will grow, apart from Inteja, more teams come and there is more level.

The work has been perfect and I have been able to achieve victory and help my teammates, ”said Milan.

On the Milan stage he was escorted by Chiricano Franklin Archibold and Panamanian Abdul Lorenzo of Team Aeronaval.

One of the favorites, the blaster Christofer Jurado, who reached only 1 point from the leader to the third and final stage of the Open Giro category, left the competition after completing lap 13 of 20 for physical wear.

“The legs did not give me today, Inteja is a team that is quite complete, a lot of difference, and practically one is alone and is quite difficult.

I am one of the runners that I like to win and if I have to give my all and be dead as I have been today it does not matter, these are national races and they are good to give fire and prepare what is coming ”said the Central American champion.

In other results, the Master C category had Jorge Otálvaro Restrepo as the great champion in the General, of the Momi Ranking Diamond Team, of Colombia, after accumulating 492 points, who was also crowned in the Tour as mountain champion.

At the podium he was accompanied as second and third respectively, by the American Pablo Santa Cruz of the EDA Cycling Team and Wilson Sánchez Duque, from Colombia of the Momi Ranking Diamond Team, who was awarded the title of flying goals of the category.

Master B

Enrique Quiñones of the EDA Cycling Team of USA, was crowned as a great winner in the Master B category by accumulating 514 points.

Quiñones dethroned his teammate Uruguayan Gregorio Bare who finished second with 500 points, a regular leader. Third place went to Tony Salgado Robles of Team Salgado de Colombia with 459 points.

In the Master A category, Frank Travieso won the RPC Radio Giro for the third time by accumulating a total of 491 points overall.

Naughty 39, who lives in Georgia, USA, is part of the EDA, arrived in Panama in very good condition, after winning two big races in Pennsylvania last weekend.

Naughty was escorted on the podium by Emile Abraham of the NGCA Cycling Team and his teammate Alien Garcia, second and third respectively with 478 and 476 points.

The RPC Radio Giro in its third version was attended by 400 cyclists from 23 countries and distributed more than $ 25,000 in prizes. (Erika Benítez / RPC Press Press)