The Colombian Stefany Lorena Cuadrado was crowned world champion in the Keirin modality, while her partner Nathalia Martínez took second place in this competition, thus closing her participation in the Junior Track Cycling World Championship held in Cali with a flourish.

It should be remembered that this was the second medal for Stefany, who days before had won the silver medal in the final of the women’s sprint event. “It’s something incredible, thanks to all the people who were watching, Cali showed incredible fans, this track was magnificent and better than it has been in Colombia, thanks to everyone,” said Stefany.

On the other hand, Natalia Martínez said that “the first test I won in cycling was the Keirin, after having been in skating. I am happy with this medal, it is important for me to uphold the name of my municipality, the Valley and Colombia. I switched to cycling because I always saw and liked it, that’s why I decided to change.”

The local representation had shown its great condition in the second and third heat of the women’s Keirin and qualified with two cyclists to the final, after Martínez and Cuadrado went first in the semifinal over cyclists from Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Great performance from the host Colombia

In this way, Colombia closed its participation with 2 gold and 4 silver medals, which placed it in the third position of the general medal table in this world competition that ended this Sunday at the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome.

Juliana Londoño won gold in the Omnium and silver in the Individual Pursuit; Francisco Jaramillo the silver in the Keirin, the same as Stefany Cuadrado in the ladies’ Sprint.

This is how the last day of competitions was lived

The first medal of the Sunday day was awarded in the men’s Elimination, a test that left the Spanish Rubén Córdoba Sánchez (Spain) winning gold, followed by Matvey Ushakov (Ukraine) with silver and the Italian Davide Stella with bronze.

Sánchez is the first Spanish track champion in the history of the junior category. At 17 years old, the man born in Alcalá de Henares is also doing the road season with the French team VC La Pomme Marseille.

Meanwhile, in the women’s Madison, gold was won by Italy (Federica Venturella-Vittoria Grassi), silver went to Australia (Keira Will-Nicole Duncan) and bronze went to the Czech Republic (Adela Marková-Patricie Müllerová).

Likewise, in the men’s kilometer, the gold medal was obtained by Tayte Ryan (Australia) with 1.00;748 minutes; the silver went to Nolan Huysmans (Belgium) with 1.01;657, while the bronze went to Ivan Samusev (Neutral Individual Athlete) with 1.01;794. Tayte is one of the three men who in the history of this category have gone below 1.01 minutes in the Kilometer.

The men’s Madison event was dominated by Belgium (Tom Crabbe-Milan Van den Haute), gold, followed by Great Britain (Ben Wiggins-Matthew Brennan), silver, while Italy (Mateo Fiorin-Juan David Sierra) won bronze. .

Italy dominated the medal table

Italy took advantage of the victory in the women’s Madison to catch up with Russia with 4 gold medals, but by silver medals they moved to the top of the medal table, while Colombia prevailed in the women’s Keirin and finished third over the powerful Great Britain , with one more bronze.

world records

The Cali stage was confirmed as one of the fastest stages in the world and five world records were broken during the event, half of the 10 established tests.

— Women’s team sprint: China (48.997 seconds), leaving behind the 49.217 from Cairo in Egypt on September 1 last year achieved by Russia.

— Men’s team speed: Germany (43.789 seconds), above the 44.209 that the Russians had maintained since August 23, 2017.

— Men’s individual pursuit: Matthew Brennan (Great Britain) 3.07;092.

— Women’s individual pursuit: Federica Venturelli (Italy), 2:15;678 minutes, beating Zoe Backstedt’s (UK) 2:17;494 in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) on August 19, 2021.

— 500 meters CRI women: Xuehuang Luo (China), 33.812 seconds, leaving behind the 33.844 held by Russian Alina Lysenko since July 10, 2021.