The first competition of the new year 2023 in Argentina was the Clásica Doble Difunta Correa, an icon of the San Juan province, where everything begins! and just days away from the expected 39th edition of the Vuelta a San Juan.

Our love for cycling grows even more as the days go by. The sanjuaninos and the sanjuaninas demonstrate it again since this Sunday, January 1, 2023, an official race of the San Juan route calendar was held.

It was a more than special race, because it was the ‘Clásica Doble Difunta Correa’. As its name indicates, it is a classic and one of the most important races in the country. Every Argentine cyclist yearns to win it, which is why for each edition that takes place there are usually more than 130 entries.

Although this classic is not part of the UCI professional calendar, it inaugurated the 2023 San Juan season. Will it have been the first race of the new year in the whole world? We think it was.

The 66th edition of the competition began in the Capital, arrived in Vallecito –place where the place and sanctuary for Difunta Correa is- and ended in Pocito. The victory was for a local continental team.

Maximiliano Navarrete from Gremios por el Deporte – Cutral Co inscribed his name on the historic list of winners. And the public from San Juan, as usual, accompanied one side of the routes.

It was demonstrated that this beautiful sport was the meeting point that managed to unite in San Juan, where everything begins!, the passion for cycling with the faith and devotion towards the Difunta Correa.

What’s next now? The 21st edition of the Giro del Sol (2.2 – América Tour) and the 39th edition of the Vuelta a San Juan.

Classification 66th edition of the Clásica Doble Difunta Correa

Maximiliano Navarrete (Guilds for Sports – Yaco Competition) 3h 49m 39s

Ricardo Escuela – (Pocito Municipality Continental Team) m/t

Gerardo Tivani – (Our Lady of Fatima Group) m/t

Laureano Rosas – (Guilds for Sports – Yaco Competition) m/t

Lucas Gaday – (Rower – St. Louis) m/t

Mauro Richeze – (Chimbas I Love You) m/t

Leonardo Cobarrubia – (SEP San Juan) m/t

Víctor Arroyo – (Virgin of Fatima Association)

Marcos Leon Rodriguez – (SEP San Juan)

Andrés Fernández – (Rower – San Luis)


Photography: Diary of Cuyo.