GUADALAJARA MEXICO. More than 260 cyclists from 20 countries will be present at the Pan-American Youth, to be held in Guadalajara, from July 1 to 7 of this year.

So the country will once again host the continent’s cycling, and will have representatives from Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Baja California, Sinaloa and Jalisco, which are the basis of where the best riders are emerging who are facing new prospects.

This was confirmed by Edgardo Hernández, president of the Mexican Cycling Federation.

“They are the states that provide the most youth, and with them we are sure that they will give a great battle and the rivals that will come. Fortunately, good results have been achieved, both in men and women. “

Said Hernández Chagoya that thanks to the type of events that have taken place in Mexico, it is like they are seeing results and many new cyclists.

“Therefore, the level of our people is very high. Besides that we have the three best sprinters, that no country has that amount, which by the way came out of the National Olympiad, an event that should continue for the amount of young talent that arise, in addition to the youth championships.

He said that the processes that they have been doing for some years have already been paying off because of the trust that has existed with the federations and associations.

“And many times it has been without the support of the institutions. Four years ago we did not receive a fifth of the Conade and still we knew how to leave. Now, at the Ruta de Hidalgo Panamericano they helped us a little bit, so we hope that for this Pan-American Youth, they will also contribute, since the beneficiary is the country internationally “.

Edgardo said that even before they left to compete with uniforms of the federation because they did not give them. “But it seems that the support with Ana Guevara is good, thanks to the results we have given. The truth that we have been one hundred percent in the federation and athletes have been well protected to meet their commitments. “

The president of the federation argued that he will not be re-elected either, although some associations have been asking him for it.

“I will help in the advice, but nothing more. I have also neglected other things, but I will remain attentive to what happens with our athletes. ” (