Ronald Geran achieved the main advantage in the group that reached the finish line and took over the third stage of the 44th edition of the Independence Cycling Tour this Thursday, a competition held on the Barahona-Azua-Baní-San Cristóbal route and which had a 166 kilometer journey.

Geran, representative of CSCA Sad Proprete 2000, finished with greater strength in the batch of about 15 riders who arrived in the first group to the finish line, after having caught up with Fred Matute and Jurgen Ramírez, who disputed the lead for the largest part of the last 12 kilometers.

After Matute and Ramírez had lost ground at the expense of Rubén Campanioni and Alejandro Sisime, then a few seconds behind came the lot in which Geran figured, who with more energy appropriated the stage. The event has a special dedication to Milton Ray Guevara, president of the Superior Constitutional Court.

The native of Guadalupe covered the 166 kilometers in a time of three hours, 48 minutes and 31 seconds with which he surpassed Luis Gómez, from Venezuela País Futuro, Daniel Estévez, from Miami Blazers was third; Francisco Lara, from Iowa Latino Cycling finished in fourth; the Dominican Alberto Ramos, from Asodocy NY finished in fifth and César Sanabria, from Venezuela País Futuro achieved the sixth.

Pellegrín goes on to lead lap

For the third date in a row, the 44th edition of the Cycling Tour has a new leader and he is Mathews Pellegrin, from CSCA Sad Proprete 2000, who accumulates 10 hours; 22 minutes and 37 seconds, being followed by Sanabria by one second; Edgar Cadena, from Imca Inteja, is third, two seconds behind; Nestor Rueda, from Iowa Latino Cycling, is fourth behind three seconds and Luis Mora is fifth behind three.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Sports, BanReservas, Comedores Económicos, Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo, OMSA, Seguros BanReservas, National Health Service, Hydroelectric Generation Company, Inapa, Gatorade, among others.

team classification

After completing the third stage, the general team classification is dominated by Venezuela País Futuro with 31:07;44 hours, being seconded by JB Calzado Power with 3:07 minutes difference, in third is Iowa Latino CVycling at 5:07 minutes . The best team in the third stage was Asodocy NY, who completed the course in 11:25:33 hours.

Other classifications

By points, Daniel Estévez is in the vanguard with 44, being seconded by Sanabria, who has 38; Luis Gómez has 30. In flying goals, Luis Gómez dominates with 13; Néstor Rueda has 10 and Alberto Ramos has 7.

In the mountains, he is at the forefront, Cadena with 13 points; Sosa adds 11; Duvan Penagos has 8. In the sub 23, Sosa records 10: 23, 36, Jhonny Sales records 10: 23, 37 and Steven Polanco shows his run in 10: 25, 30.


The best Dominicans are Estévez with 10:23:26 hours, followed by Polanco, who has 10:23:37; Erlin García 10:26;14, while Ramos has fourth place with 10:27;06.

Stage this Friday

The fourth stage of the Cycling Tour will start this Friday from the main BanReservas building on Winston Churchill Avenue, where its administrator, Samuel Pereyra, will award the banner of honor. The stage will cover Santo Domingo- Monte Plata- Nagua and San Francisco de Macorís. The route to be traveled will be 205 kilometers.