Guatemalan Nicole Hacohen successfully continues her preparation at a high-level training camp at the World Cycling Center in Switzerland, ahead of the 2022 season.

In order to prepare in the best way for the 2022 competition season, Guatemalan cyclist Nicole Hacohen has been at the World Cycling Center, located in Aigle, Switzerland, since the beginning of February.

The 24-year-old sprinter received this invitation from the International Cycling Union (UCI) to continue her process as a high-performance athlete. This camp will be of the utmost importance to start in the best way the path towards the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, an event in which she will seek her classification through the world ranking.

The Guatemalan will share this camp with cyclists from other countries in the world and will have the opportunity to compete in high-level events. Nicole’s stay will be until April 30, but this can be extended until July of this year, based on her results.

This is the second consecutive year in which the Guatemalan is invited to this camp, thanks to her sports performance. In 2021, Hacohen also attended the UCI World Center and competed in major track events.

On that occasion she had the opportunity to participate in events in Belgium and Germany. One of the most important competitions she faced was the Track Nations Cup in Hong Kong, in which she stood out with a 10th place in keirin.

This year, Ella Nicole will also have the opportunity to compete against several of the best cyclists in her specialty, sprint and keirin. One of the goals for the Guatemalan cyclist will be to add all the possible points in the world ranking of her two specialties.

At this time, the Guatemalan is ranked 15th in speed; while in keirin she is located in the sixteenth position.