Elena Hartmann, from the Roland team, became today the most beloved cyclist of the people of Nahuizalco. The Swiss won the first stage of the Tour El Salvador 2024, for which she received gestures of affection that were reflected through applause, hugs and bouquets of flowers.

The winner of the Grand Prix Presidente and the Prologue, crossed the finish line with a time of 48:17 seconds, in a 106 kilometers route that began in Surf City (Sunset Park) and ended in Nahuizalco.

Second place went to Emily Marcolini, from the Boneshaker team, with a time of 2 hours 48:21 and third place went to Georgina Vettorello, from Roland, after finishing the race with a time of 2 hours 48:47.

At the end of the awards ceremony, the Swiss expressed her surprise at the reception she received from the people of Nahuizalco. “The people here are so nice, the people are so nice, I received so many flowers from the people, and this touched my heart so much, it is incredible, they are so nice and I feel loved, it is something that one does not expect to receive”, said the champion.

Regarding this day’s route, the yellow jersey wearer indicated that it was a hard test and with a high temperature weather.

“In this race it was very hot. That was already the first challenge. But despite that obstacle we did a good job as a team. We all complied with the strategy, the girls did a great job in helping the team to win and I am very grateful, because without them I could not have done this climb, I am very happy, “said the leader of the Tour El Salvador.    

They also gave the jerseys to the most outstanding of the race: Hartmann, with the yellow leader; Lorena Villamizar, combativeness (red); Daniela Campos, best young rider (white); Karen González, general points leader (green) and Marcolini, leader of the mountain classification (white red points).

This Sunday the second stage will be run and it will be a 72 kilometers route in a circuit in San Salvador, which goes from the Magico Gonzalez Stadium to the National University.

Source: https://goes.indes.gob.sv/