“In the cycling family we have examples of fathers,” said José Manuel Peláez, President of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI) in a message posted on his social networks for Father’s Day, which is celebrated this June 19 in several countries of the world, especially in Latin America.

Peláez highlighted the importance of parents when starting to practice cycling and described this fact as “the essence of our passion for the sport”. More than 20 nations of the continent celebrated this third Sunday in June a day of congratulations for parents, a tradition of more than 100 years.

Here we reproduce the textual message of the President of Copaci:


Since 1910 it is celebrated by tradition in many countries of our continent on parents’ day. They are just 24 hours to hug, congratulate and share with those beings that gave us life and always accompany us.

Today we have examples of parents in the cycling family, ranging from runners to coaches, federations, mechanics and all the personnel that accompany the organization of events.

However, with special attention today I want to add my congratulations to those parents who initiated the practice of cycling in boys and girls. That patience and love to learn to take the first pedal strokes is never forgotten. And it is the essence of our passion for this sport.

Congratulations to all cycling parents. I get to hug them a happy Sunday.