A great job was done by Colombian Heiner Parra, who rides for the Canel’s team from Mexico, to take the leadership of the individual general classification from Ecuadorian Jorge Montenegro, and finish as the champion of the Vuelta Bantrab of Guatemala, concluded this Sunday.

The fifth stage of the Guatemalan round, finished in the central park of Tecpán, was won by Team Medellín EPM, who made the one and two with Yeison and Aldemar Reyes after a close sprint. The third drawer of the podium was occupied by Heiner Parra from Boyacá himself.

From the beginning of the race, Parra got into the leading group from which he no longer detached himself and helped by his compatriots Aldemar and Yeyson Reyes from Team Medellín, along with the great work done by Fredy Toc and Mardoqueo Vásquez del Hino, he took the opportunity to climb the high mountain of San Pablo la Laguna to Pamezabal.

“The idea was to go up with the first ones and well, my compatriots Aldemar and Yeison helped me. The mountain was a climb that we were afraid of, but I responded well, and we managed to win the lap thanks to the mess that the Hino caused on the road”, mentioned the champion.

From the beginning, Parra tried to reduce the three seconds that Jorge Montenegro had ahead of him, who did not have his best day, since his legs did not respond to him on the demanding ascent, despite the fact that his teammates tried to help him, but he ended up delivering the leadership in the first kilometers of competition.

Colombia wins the stage

The fifth stage of the Vuelta Bantrab was won by the Medellín Team who did the one and two with Yeison and Aldemar Reyes, followed by Heiner Parra and the Guatemalans Fredy Toc and Mardoqueo Vásquez, all with a time of 02:32:53, after entering the a closed package.

It is worth noting the great work that the Hino team did in moving the race, and above all the spectacular work that Fredy Toc did, who won the five mountain prizes that were in dispute and together with Mardoqueo Vásquez, commanded the race.

General classification

01  Heiner ParraCanel´s-ZeroUno16:49:36
02  Aldemar ReyesTeam Medellin-EPM+ 01:20
03  Jorge MontenegroTeam Banco Guayaquil Ecuador+ 04:49
04  Eduardo CorteCanel´s-ZeroUno+ 06:09
05  Fredy Toc XonHino-One-La Red-Tigo-Suzuki+ 06:50
06   Juan Mardoqueo VásquezHino-One-La Red-Tigo-Suzuki+ 08:08
07   Wilson HaroTeam Banco Guayaquil Ecuador+ 10:47
08  Cristian CubidesHino-One-La Red-Tigo-Suzuki+ 11:07
09  Robinson ChalapudTeam Banco Guayaquil Ecuador+ 11:08