The Brazilian Henrique Avancini just announced a few days ago that his career as a professional cyclist has come to an end. He does it a few weeks after being proclaimed XCM World Champion in Glasgow and with an emotional documentary in which he explains issues about the changes in recent years for the first time.

Avancini has been one of the cyclists who has marked the mountain bike of the last 10 years. His perseverance and discipline have led him to achieve victories in the XCO and XCC World Cups, and 2 World Championships in the Marathon, but his charisma is perhaps what has most impressed a fan that is very devoted to the Brazilian.

In 2022 he announced his departure from Cannondale Factory Racing, a strange move that only made sense after the presentation this season of his own team: the Caloi Henrique Avancini Racing Team. According to the documentary, this change was not so natural and was motivated by some problems of the Brazilian and disagreements with Cannondale.

But once again, Avancini knew how to overcome the most difficult situations and when his performance in the World Cup was being quite discreet, three weeks ago he surprised everyone with a great performance in the XCM World Championship that earned him to dress again with the rainbow jersey

Unlike many other cyclists, Avancini wanted to take advantage of this new peak in his career to announce that his career as a professional has come to an end. He does it based on that documentary and on his social networks he warns that he will give more explanations soon about when he will be fired and in what way. Thus he wrote in his official profile:

“A few weeks ago I made a decision. I felt something inside that made me completely change my plans. Everything has another meaning. My path as a professional athlete has reached the finish line!

My journey has been complex and beautiful. To try to clarify what led me to this decision, this documentary is an open letter to express all my feelings. Please, watch it.

Every word spoken came from the bottom of my soul. Soon I will talk more about this moment that brings me peace and satisfaction.

Just a notice:

My projects continue; And we will have the opportunity to “say goodbye” in the best possible way”.

Avancini wanted to say goodbye to the professional mountain bike dressed as a World Champion and that is why he has chosen three XCM events where he will be able to wear and share the rainbow jersey. The first will be the Snowshoe XCM World Cup (29/09) and the next two in Brazil, the MTB Festival (13-15/10) and the Brazil Ride (21-28/10) where he already knows what it is to win and could say goodbye with one last victory.