The Guanajuato cyclist based in Belgium with the Start Junior team, Heriberto Quiroz, is no longer off the podium and this Sunday he finished second in the Evergen race, youth category, where, with the exception of Heriberto, the first 20 places went to the local bikers.

The 86.8-kilometer race was won by Kenji Coenen (1:59:01 hours), who beat the Mexican in a close sprint, while another Belgian runner, Emile Taildeman, passed in third place, all with the same time as the winner. .

His teammate, the Uruguayan Ciro Pérez, was placed in 21st place. Heriberto went to the old continent supported by his Tennis Stars team sponsored by Juan Coronado and by his native municipality, Purísima del Rincón.

For the young 18-year-old rider, it is a great emotion to continue giving good results to his team, hence this makes him very happy and committed. In addition, he has satisfied his technical director, the Argentine Mauricio Frazer.