PRUSZKOW, POLAND. The Mexican team of Yuli Verdugo and Jessica Salazar obtained on Wednesday a fourth historical place in the speed test in the World Cycling Championships, which takes place in this Polish city.

This result represents a historical fact for the Mexican women’s track cycling in world competitions, since no group had managed to be in this phase of medals.

In the qualification, the national pair was placed in the fifth place with time of 33.281 seconds, where the Australian duo integrated by Kaarle McCulloch and Stephanie Morton made 32.492 to finish in first place. Then, in the fight for the bronze, Daniela Gaxiola came to replace Verdugo, and together with Salazar they registered 33.455, to be far from the 32.789 of the German Emma Hinze and Miriam Welte.

Last year, at the World Championships in Apeldoorn, Holland, Mexico was ranked seventh in team speed and the local duo (Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel) won the gold. While in the appointment of Hong Kong 2017, the Mexican binomial was placed in the ninth place of the qualification, while the Russian Daria Shmeleva and Anastasiia Voinova took the gold; in London 2016 he finished on step 12 and Russia took the win. (



1. Netherlands 41.923
Hoogland, Jeffrey
Lavreysen, Harrie
Van Den Berg, Roy

2. France 42.889
Bauge, Gregory
Lafargue, Quentin
Vigier, Sebastien

3. Russian Federation 43.115
Dmitriev, Denis
Harapov, Alexander
Yakushevskiy, Pave

4. Germany 43.294
Bichler, Timo
Botticher, Stefan
Nbach, Maximilian

5. Great Britain
6. Australia
7. Poland
8. New Zealand
9. China
10. Japan
11. Trinidad and Tobago
12. Czech Republic
13. Spain
14. Belarus
15. Malaysia
16. Kazakhstan


1. Australia 32.255
McCulloch, Kaarle
Morton, Stephanie
2. Russian Federation 32.591
Shmeleva, Daria
Voinova, Anastasiia
3. Germany 32.789
Hinze, Emma
Welte, Miriam
4. Mexico 33.455
Gaxiola, Luz Daniela
Salazar, Jessica
Verdugo, Yuli Paola
5. Netherlands
6. France
7. Lithuania
8. China
9. Spain
10. Poland
11. Republic of Korea
12. Ukraine
13. United States
14. Great Britai
15. New Zealand
16. Hong Kong, China
17. Italy


1. Barker, Elinor (GBR)
2. Wild, Kirsten (NED)
3. D’Hoore Jolien (BEL)
4. Berthon, Laurie (FRA)
5. Brausse, Franziska (GER)
6. Baleisyte, Olivija (LTU)
7. Joseph, Amber (BAR)
8. Bacikova, Alzbeta (SVK)
9. Machacova, Jarmila (CZE)
10. Stenberg, Anita Yvonne (NOR)
11. Usabiaga, BALERDI Irene (ESP)
12. Gurley, Lydia (IRL)
13. Augustinas, Evgenia (RUS)
Dideriksen, Amalie (DEN) DNF
Huang, Ting Ying (TPE) DNF
Valente, Jennifer (USA) DNF
Berhardt, Verena (AUT) DNF
Tserakh, Hanna (BLR) DNF
Shen, Shanrong (CHN) DNF
Sfidanza, Martina (ITA) DNF
Sheath, Racquel (NZL) DNF
Kaczkowska, Justyna (POL) DNF
Seitz, Aline (SUI) DNF