More than 1 million euros is the budget allocated to prizes in La Vuelta a España 2023. But how can runners accumulate profits over the next three weeks. The financial prizes of a grand tour have traditionally been an important source of extra income for team members.

Nowadays, with the budgets and salaries managed by the teams and cyclists, they may have taken a backseat. However, the tradition of making a common fund with the prizes that are achieved is maintained and which, for the assistants and mechanics, represent an important complement to the salary they receive from the team.

Adding up in the day to day

In La Vuelta a España 2023, the amount allocated to prizes amounts to €1,118,205, of which, more than half is allocated to the prizes assigned to the top 20 finishers in each stage.

Winning a stage in La Vuelta a España means pocketing a not inconsiderable €11,000. The runner who finishes each day in second place receives €5,500 and the third person receives €2,700. Prizes that gradually decrease to €360 that cyclists classified between 10th and 20th place receive each day.

Throughout each day it is also possible to obtain financial prizes by passing through the Intermediate Sprint, whose winner will receive €550 or by crowning in first or second position the different mountain passes that mark the test, with prizes ranging from €60 which the second to pass through a 4th category port receives, up to €460 for the runner who crowns a 1st category port in first place.

Special mention for the so-called Cima Alberto Fernández, which recognizes the highest port in La Vuelta, an award that in this edition has a very special flavor as it is located at the 2,115 m at which the mythical Col du Tourmalet is crowned, in the that the winner will receive €1,000. Nor can we forget the prize for the most combative runner in each stage, which is allocated €200.

Wearing a jersey has a reward

Leading a ranking is another good source of income. The red jersey of the test receives €500 for each day they wear the sought-after garment. €100 for those who do the same with the green and blue dotted jersey that recognizes the leader of the mountain, while the best young runner receives a reward of €70 for each day wearing the white jersey. The team that leads the squad classification also has its allocation, in this case, €400.

Of course, the most important prizes correspond to the final general classification. On this occasion, the winner of La Vuelta 2023 will take €150,000, €57,985 will receive the second step of the podium and €30,000 for the third. Once again, as in the stages, the prizes gradually decrease to €3,800, which will be paid by cyclists classified between 10th and 20th place.

The final winners of the green and white jerseys have been assigned €11,000 each, while the price of the mountain jersey rises to €13,000. For its part, the team that prevails in the squad classification will get €12,500 while the final prize for the most combative rider in the event is awarded with €3,000.

The comparisons are hateful

As in the case of the Tour de France, they may seem modest prizes in the case of one of the three biggest cycling events, especially when we compare it with other sports such as tennis or golf.

In any case, it must be taken into account that the economic structure of cycling, as in other team sports, implies the maintenance of structures and salaries, while in individual sports they tend to have a model in which income The main ones come from the prizes won.