Ignacio Maldonado was left with the ninth stage of the Uruguay Cycling Tour on the route that linked Rocha with Maldonado after passing through Castillos, in a total of 199.6 kilometers, the longest of the ten planned for this event, which ends this Sunday .

After a fairly even race, after the third packing there was a major incident that left the group in front made up of 14 cyclists. Neither Agustín Moreira nor Pablo Anchieri were in the top 10 and that affected the general classification, which ended with a new leader.

A few kilometers from the Maldonado Track, Ignacio Maldonado, from the Unión Ciclista 33, and Jorge Giacinti. from Club Cerro Largo, they gave the final blow, although the one who ended up taking the stage was Maldonado, who incidentally left the Arachán club at the top of the tournament.

In any case, the position achieved allowed the Argentine Giacinti to take the lead in the general classification and unseat Roderyck Asconeguy from Villa Teresa, who was in command for two consecutive stages.

The last stage will begin this Sunday in Maldonado and will end in Montevideo with the attraction that the existing parity in the general classification means that the first three in the classification are only eight seconds away.

The cyclists will arrive with more than 1,500 kilometers on their legs and will depart from the capital of Fernandez bound for Montevideo, to cover the last 200 km of the Vuelta 2023 and of the season, which will culminate on 18 de Julio street in front of the Municipality of Montevideo. The race will go through routes 10, 9, 8, 11 and 5, to cover the last 6 km along the port boulevard to the finish line, in the center of the capital.