With an exciting finale, the eighth stage of the 2023 Cycling Tour was developed, which was won by the Brazilian Igor Molina from UniFunvic (03:41:18) and allowed the third victory for the team that came from Brazil to play this new edition of the competence.

Rocha received this Friday the eighth day of the event, called the Centennial of the Uruguayan Olympic Committee, in which the main protagonists were Molina and Matías Presa from Cerro Largo, who staged a great attack 70 kilometers from the finish line.

Until the last moment the fight was hand in hand with Matías (03:41:24), who finished in second position despite the effort to take first place in the segment. His teammate, Leonel Rodríguez (03:41:30), completed the podium with third place.

None of this caused changes in the general classification, which is still led by Roderyck Asconeguy of Villa Teresa, followed by the Brazilian André Ghor, of UniFunvic, two seconds behind. Agustín Moreira, from Cerro Largo, is third to 15.

By teams, the leadership is from Cerro Largo (82:13:24), followed by Villa Teresa (82:18:07) and by Unión 33 (82:20:25) that closes the podium.

On Saturday the ninth and penultimate stage will be run with the section from Rocha to Maldonado, of 199.6 kilometers (the second longest of the test), and on Sunday the champion will be defined when the Cycling Tour takes Maldonado and Montevideo (194, 7 km).