Everything is ready in San Juan, Argentina, to start the Pan American Road Championship on May 12, with the best runners in the Americas from 23 nations and which will culminate in the Centennial Congress of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI) on Monday May 16.

The welcome of the hosts has much of what happened in another continental contest held in this same town in 2018, a historic event witnessed by more than 5,000 sports lovers and in which Argentina won a record number of medals in the history of this competition.

On that occasion, David Lappartient’s first visit to the country as president of the International Cycling Union (UCI) took place, promoting a path of permanent growth of cycling in the region and mainly in San Juan, which four years later has the main competition of the Pan American Road Cycling.

According to the Technical Guide presented by the organizers, “if that year was historic, 2022 will allow us to be a fundamental part of a moment that will be marked by fire. Along with the cycling family, San Juan will host the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Pan American Cycling Confederation, a fact that fills us with pride and happiness and that we hope you can enjoy in our beautiful landscapes and together with the passion that San Juan and sanjuaninas demonstrate day by day for this discipline “.

“We look forward to the beginning, so that the roar of the international peloton will once again tour the streets of San Juan, and working hard to once again live up to an international event of great importance”, concludes the first welcome to the cyclists , coaches and federations of America.

According to the competition program, on Thursday the 12th the individual time trials for the three categories will be run in the Punta Negra Dam area; Saturday the 14th will be the online stage for U-23 boys; on Sunday the 15th the elite cyclists will race (both branches); and on Monday the 16th, the COPACI Centennial Congress will be held with authorities and directors.

Some announced payrolls that are already at the headquarters of the competition.


Women: Antonella Leonardi, Magalí Balmaceda, Anabel Ruiz, Sofía Martelli, Carolina Pérez, Mercedes Fadiga and María Carla Álvarez.

Under-23 Men: Rodrigo Díaz, Lukas Dundic, Matías Pérez, Exequiel Alarcón, Mauricio Domínguez, Arian Etcheverry, Tomás Moyano and Santiago Sánchez.

Elite Man: Emiliano Contreras, Mauricio Quiroga, Alejandro Durán, Tomás Conte, Gerardo Tivani, Laureano Rosas, Lucas Gaday and Nicolás Tivani.


Women: Lina Marcela Hernández (CRI), Elizabeth Castaño, Mariana Herrera (CRI), Stefanía Sánchez, Andrea Álzate and Camila Valbuena.

Men Under-23: Germán Darío Gómez, Juan Manuel Barbosa (CRI), Juan Alejandro Umba, Johan Fernando Porras (CRI), Carlos Andrés Ospina and Nicolás David Gómez.

Elite Men: Johan Antonio Colón, Nelson Andrés Soto, Walter Vargas (CRI), Rodrigo Contreras (CRI), Yeison Alejandro Rincón and Diego Ochoa.


Women: Paola Belén Silva Wynants, Luciana Wynants Castrillón, Mariana García Britos, Fabiana Andrea Granizal Fernández, Agustina Belen Fernández Pérez and María Andrea Martino Revetria.

Men Sub-23: Leandro Vidal Chiazzaro, Mateo Nahuel Mascarañas Rubido, Carlos Sebastián Caraballo Martín, Dante Ezequiel Gómez Chumillo, Facundo Nahuel Ortiz Villagra and Lucas Alejandro Piano Cejas.

Elite Men: Pablo Sebastián Anchieri Zunino, Jorge Adelabio Soto Pereira, Andrés Sebastián Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Sixto Nicolás Núñez Olivera, Anderson Samuel Maldonado Sánnchez and Agustín Alonso Torres.


Women: Mariana Rojas

Under 23 Men: Bill Toscano, Maximilano Coila

Elite Men: Alain Quispe, Royner Navarro, Hugo Ruiz, Robinson Ruiz.