Jorge Giacinti was crowned champion of the 78th edition of the Uruguay Cycling Tour this Sunday, on the esplanade of the Municipality of Montevideo. The 48-year-old Argentine, belonging to the Cerro Largo cycling team, took the general classification this Saturday and did not let go.

Until the height of the Telecommunications Towers Ignacio Maldonado enjoyed the lead, but Giacinti left everything on the pedals and won the place. He finished his third Tour as champion (1998, 2004, 2023) with a time of 36:09:50. The podium was completed by Roderyck Asconeguy from Villa Teresa (+00:00:04) and the Brazilian André Gohr from UniFunvic (+00:00:11).

Pablo Anchieri, from Náutico Boca del Cufré, was the winner of the regularity table and the tenth stage after stopping the clock at 04:23:21. The last section of the race started from Maldonado and traveled routes 10, 9, 8, 11 and 5, ran six kilometers along the port boulevard and ended on July 18. “It was a stage with a lot of strategy, a lot of nervousness, we knew how the situation was going to be, thank God for the Nautical Club it happened in the best way,” the cyclist told Channel 5 after winning the stage.

About how he would define the Vuelta, Anchieri expressed: “The team has a lot to grow, individually I feel happy. With mistakes, which is the constructive criticism that one must make before turning the page. Happy to win two stages, to sacrifice several stages betting on the general. The analysis is quite good, one knows that changed some things can be there (in the fight)”.

In the team classification, Unión 33 prevailed, taking the lead from Cerro Largo by 1 minute and six seconds. Sebastián Rodríguez (San Antonio) won the Sprinter prize and Nicolás Méndez (Barrio Artigas) won the top prize.